Friday, February 03, 2017

Early TangYuan

Tang Yuan

Once again, my Saturday was spent at Sri Petaling because of Big Monster's class there. To compensate for Christmas, he had a double class which lasted till 3:00 PM. Since that was the case, we dropped him off and immediately headed to Bandar Park, OUG. I was long overdue for a haircut, so I paid my stylist a visit. For some reason, my stylist was in a good mood that day. He paid more attention than usual to my hair and was very proud when he was done. According to him, it was different from what he usually did. I couldn't really detect the difference. LOL. Paid him, and went looking for my mum and the little one. We loitered at Parkson for some minor Christmas shopping. Little Monster browsed the toy department, but he did not pester me to buy anything.

Little Monster: How much is this Minecraft® Hot Wheels® Ghast Attack Track™?

Moi: MYR145.

Little Monster: Wah, so expensive!

Impressed. Much self-control. Parkson's gift wrapping counter was so swamped but they refused to let us have the wrapping paper to do our own wrapping, so we did it ourselves, there and then.

Back home, mum started making tang yuan for her event on Sunday. The event was a sort of cultural event cum competition between the Chinese associations in Klang Valley and its affiliated societies. Each participant presented their own version of tang yuan, and they would be judged on taste, presentation, and creativity. Mum made the tang yuan from scratch and employed natural colouring from Bunga Telang (Clitoria ternatea... cause they look like abalone XD), beetroot, pandan (Screwpine), and sweet potato. The kids helped too.


Twilight Man said...

When I was a kid, my dad only bought my toys from pasar malam!
I was happy over the moon.

Derek said...

Hehe so cute that he knows it's expensive!

William said...

My dad bought me deep-fried chicken backside from the night market.

Maybe simply say de.

Anonymous said...

no wonder william likes backside. he was inculcated since young!

William said...

LOL. Interesting reasoning.

Jaded Jeremy said...

You sure Little Monster doesn't know RM145 is a lot of money?