Monday, February 13, 2017

Boxing Day Dim Sum

Crispy Roll

On the last day of the Christmas long weekend, I finally managed to spend some time with KH. Normally, Gratitude would cook Christmas dinner, but fears of water disruption, and a lack of a maid to do the clean up made him change his mind. Instead, he invited us for a dim sum brunch at Mayflower Restaurant, Le Garden Hotel (not to be confused with KK Mayflower nearby). It was a nice reunion with KH, Gratitude's mum, my mum, Apollo and QueerRanter-D. The dim sum was pretty good, with a larger portion. They had all the standard varieties, but KH was disappointed that they didn't have custard buns. I liked their siew mai and egg tarts.

Siew Mai

Malai Gou

For coffee, we moved to Brew and Bread. Now, they operate upstairs with the kitchen located in a nearby lot. Compared to last time, this arrangement gives them a whole lot more space to play with. With windows along the whole length of the back, the whole place is spilling with natural light. However, their furniture arrangement is a bit unconventional. A big round tables are quite out of place in a cafe. Why would people want to sit around it especially when there's a huge centerpiece in the middle. Then there's the super long table at the back. Reminded me of the school canteen. In terms of coffee, they now have two blends to choose from-- Driver and Sugar Daddy. Can't imagine why they chose those names. If you're into cold brew, they have something called a Bombshell that actually tastes like its spiked with alcohol. Their croissant is pretty good too, buttery and flaky.



Before leaving Kota Kemuning, we stopped a while at AEON Big but that turned out to be a big disappointment. Not well-stocked at all. Walked into a Nagoya as well, a place which brought back memories of my childhood. When I was a kid, mum regularly brought me to fabric shops. As a seamstress, she sometimes had to source for fabrics. While she was choosing, I would be exploring the 'forest' of cloth rolls, running my hands over the cold, silky material. Sometimes, I would scrutinize the price tags attached to the cloth rolls with safety pins. They were usually stamped in blue ink with a small sample of the cloth taped to the tag.

Rolls of Cloth

Later in the evening, KH and I had a dinner date with QueerRanter (the real deal!), Jin, Apollo, and QueerRanter-D. KH had no luck choosing the dinner venue in Publika.
  1. Plan A - Episode. Not open.
  2. Plan B - Silver Spoon. Not open. 
  3. Plan C - Two Sons Bistro. A random choice based on what was open. Halal. 
Two Sons is a place famous for its mussels and clams. Sixteen varieties to choose from. We ordered a full size (900 grams) of lemon garlic butter mussels to share. Delicious with two portions of garlic bread to lap up the gravy. KH and I shared a Supreme Stuffed Chicken. Stuffed with what you may ask? Jalapeno peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and cream cheese. Spicy and creamy at the same time. Not a very good feeling.

Mussel Pots

Supreme Stuffed Chicken

Dessert and coffee was really at Plan B. We reminisced about the days of drama in the heyday of the BFF. So much nonsense from nonsense people. "My birthday party is better than your's"  nonsense. "I'm manipulating your feelings" nonsense. "It's all about me" nonsense. "I'm a hypocrite who talks shit" nonsense. The list goes on. But without them, it would have been a bland existence with nothing to reminisce about. Haha.

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