Monday, January 30, 2017

Your Name is Nuri

Piggy Evolution

Once in a while, a subset of the BFF get together when the opportunity presents itself. We were lucky enough to catch Alexander the Gay who had relocated to Singapore for years. Together with KH, Khatijah, Janvier, and of course JL, we met up for lunch at Naughty Nuri's, Desa Sri Hartamas for a babi lunch. My first time at that outlet actually. They have two seating areas, one indoor and one 'outdoor'. KH and I were the first to arrive, so we were tasked with choosing a table. Sounds like an easy task no? Believe it or not, we actually changed tables a total of five times trying to find the coolest spot and to avoid the stinky smell of 'salted fish' (smelled like rotting rubbish to me) in the restaurant.

Piggy Salad

Once we found the most optimum spot, we could finally think about the food. We shared a rack of their famous pork ribs, grilled cumi-cumi, Indonesian fried noodles, and salad (that's full of roast pork-- the best way to enjoy vegetables). Lunch was a usual boisterous affair filled with gossip and sex. Think we scared away the family at the adjacent table. LOL.

Mee Goreng Indonesia

JL had a recommendation for dessert which was just a few doors away-- The Singleton Selects. It's a premium ice cream parlour by Inside Scoop that serves some interesting non-halal varieties like Whisky Cream. JL ordered Buttermilk Waffles (that boy can really eat and maintain his figure) and it was quite good too.

Simple Interior

Whisky Cream

At the end of the BFF gathering, KH and I continued to paktor at NuSentral. We watched "Your Name", a bizarre anime love story that weaves fantasy into a love story. The result is something visually-stunning with a plot twist that needs you to think out of the box. Told from two perspectives, it starts off funny and gets heavy as it proceeds. Highly recommended.


Derek said...

Didn't mention about the sister at the ice cream parlour de

William said...

Nothing much to say. If I mention, readers will just ask for a photo which I do not have.

thompsonboy said...

Should just share the stories

Jaded Jeremy said...

5 times? Goodness.

William said...


Tak menyusahkan waitress. :P.

Twilight Man said...

Alexander and Janvier were legend bloggers!
Nothing is permanent.

William said...

Janvier blogs now and then.