Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Upside Down Christmas

Upside Down Christmas Tree

With the Klang Valley saturated with malls, mall management offices try their best to come up with the most creative Christmas decorations within their budgets. Atria Shopping Gallery tries to be different by turning Christmas on its head-- using the Grinch instead of Santa Claus upside-down Christmas trees. In my opinion, like that lah. Haha. Guess we've seen it all.

Upside Down Christmas

For the first time, mum and I ate at the food floor. Many choices actually, but not many customers. We ate at Tokyo Ramen where we shared a bowl of the Tonkotsu King-- 1.5 noodles portion of noodles with charsiu, chicken charsiu, whole ajitama, vegetables, seaweed sheet and bamboo shoots. Definitely enough for two. Feel free to pile on the hot sauces and garlic to give the ramen an extra kick.

Tonkotsu King

In the late afternoon, stopped by at New Chapter for coffee and waffles (finish up the cash vouchers from the IMU Chariofare). Tried the Midori which is a green tea waffle with tangerines. Didn't really like it. The David is still the best.

The Midori

SK came over to Puncak Jalil for dinner where we ate a Yong and Chia Kitchen. The eggplant dish we ordered looked like it was put through a teleportation portal and came out the other end with all its atoms all wrong. But it was delicious la. Haha.

Eggplant with Minced Meat


Twilight Man said...

LOLOL. What a silly Christmas tree! I have not been there for months since my dad went to heavens. I used to wheel him around for his CKT at Little Penang.

Jaded Jeremy said...

The last dish looks unappetising @@

William said...

Bagus CKT at Little Penang?

Hahahaha. Kan?