Monday, January 16, 2017



There was a big breakfast gathering at my house as mum called in my sister, BIL, and SK to finish the leftover food from the day before. So much meat in the morning. LOL. We did our best. Whatever we couldn't finish we fed to the malnourished alley cats. It was also the day I sent in my car for a minor service. Managed to collect my car just in time for Big Monster's class in Sri Petaling.

Salted Egg Pasta

Loitered at The Store for a bit before eating lunch at Twenty5. KH joined us. That cafe had a STRONG vibe with quite a number of sisters among the customers and staff. Wai confirmed that it is a pink establishment. Lovely. Foursquare recommended their Salted Egg Pasta, but I didn't really taste the salted egg. Perhaps the curry cream overpowered it. However, the portion was delightfully big. Also love their White Affogato with its strong espresso.

Baked Chicken

At 1:30 PM, I picked Big Monster up from his class. It was quite a long walk for the kid actually. Big Monster took a look at the menu and wanted to order the salmon. We tried to discourage him from ordering that because they have salmon day in, day out! He got kinda sad... so in the end we relented. Once again, I was surprised by the portion-- a big piece of salmon fillet for less than MYR30. Value for money indeed.

Coffee and Ice Cream

On our way back, we paid a visit to Le Pont's latest branch in Sri Petaling. Kinda interesting that they put a 'cable bridge' on the second floor. From the looks of things, they weren't operating at full capability yet. Ini takde, itu takde.

Le Pont

In the evening, we had a BEC gathering at the church cafeteria. A annual get together for the BEC core teams and their families. As usual, it was a big potluck with praise and worship, and games. The organizing committee actually came up with a wefie game. Really a sign of the times. I busied myself taking photographs of the event while the kids went nuts, running up and down. Zzz.


Twilight Man said...

Now a craze trend to have salted egg in everything!
I just heard from Diva chef Agnes Chang that Salted Egg powder is available. So easy that we can shake it into ice cream, kopi, porridge and maybe cakes. Yums!

William said...

Yeah, I heard of it. Wonder how much real salted egg yolk it contains.