Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lunch with Four Monsters

Pumpkin & Beetroot

Met up with Cutiepie over lunch at One Utama. The occasion was to celebrate her belated birthday.  She brought her two monsters along, while I also had two monsters of my own. In comparison, she was much braver because she was alone (while mum was with me) and had arrived there since 11:00 AM. Three hours with two kids in a mall, a daunting feat. Told her that we would be eating at Ante at the Rainforest section. She had some trouble finding the place and her son had drained her smartphone battery. Thankfully, she found the place. With four kids at the table, all Hell broke loose. Couldn't have a decent sit down meal. The kids were shouting and running around. I don't think we properly enjoyed what was served. Haha. I was impressed with the pastas. At sub-MYR30, they were value for money and delicious. Even a simple item like the Garlic Olio came with lots of bacon bits. Delicious.

Cutiepie told me that she forgot where she parked her car, and the photograph of the location was in her now dead phone. To solve her conundrum, I ran back to my car at One World Hotel to get a power bank. Once I got back from that short trek, I found that her youngest had spilled water over herself, and as luck would have it, there was no change of clothes! Did whatever we could with paper napkins but in the end Cutiepie decided that she would buy a replacement. Unfortunately, there were no children's clothing stores nearby. So, I ran to the toilet to make use of the hand dryer. At least the T-shirt was dry enough for her to wear again. Phew! All that running around was worth it because we I returned to the restaurant, my darling KH was there. Hehe.

Before more disastrous events happened, we paid the bill and left. We were beginning to feel dirty stares from the other tables. LOL. For coffee, we chose a location that would attract much less attention. Went to the outdoor seating at Teh Tarik Place where all the shouting is dispersed into the open space or dampened by the trees at Rainforest. But that location introduced other challenges. The kids wanted to feed the fish! When I saw the place, I could imagine kids falling into the water. No barrier at all. Quickly shoo-ed them back to the table. Chilled there as much as we could while the kids teared around the place. Surprisingly, Teh Tarik Place makes a great roti canai. Very crispy.

Christmas at One Utama

Before leaving, we tried to enjoy the Christmas decorations at the center court. This year. One Utama decided to use giant Pointsettias, mossy balls (destroyed way before Christmas by hyperactive kids no doubt), and faux crystals. For some reason, they also decided that a crystal spider is very Christmas-y. Little Miss Muffet? The kids were driving me nuts so I bought them some Triple Chocolate ice cream from Kapiti. Of course that didn't give me much peace at all, so I quickly herded them back to the car. Time to go home! Kids are definitely a handful. Salute to all the parents and babysitters out there!



Anonymous said...

Sounds disastrous. Felt sorry for you.

Derek said...

Yeah lo, luckily i turned up to help lol

William said...

Challenges of babysitting hahaha

Thanks baby!

Jaded Jeremy said...

4 monsters? Did you lose your temper? :)

Anonymous said...

1 utama has terrible festive decorations for the past few years... Probably due to no budget... their this CNY decorations consist of only 2 things, red lanterns and red clothes... center court at new wing looks like the general assembly of chinese communist party... very low taste.

~ Daniel