Thursday, January 05, 2017

Little Hobbits

Hobbit Themed

It's that time of the year again when the monsters spend more time with mum and I because my sister would be busy making calendars for the coming year. That Sunday, Little Monster followed us to church while his brother was at Science class. Such arrangements are usually better because without their partner in crime they much calmer. When Little Monster got fidgety, mum just pop a Fererro Rocher into his mouth. One mass, four chocolates. Yikes. Once we were done, we had to go pick the big one up from Sri Petaling. We reached there at 1:00 PM, but he wasn't done till 2:00 PM. Really a horrible time slot. Neither here nor there.

Middle Earth?

Little Monster fell asleep in the car, else he would be wailing for lunch. Just waited in the car. With all that free time, I scoured Foursquare for a place to lunch. The Shotlist was pretty close where we were, but I decided to be a fan boy and go for The Shire Cafe instead. As you can guess from the name, the place has an LOTR-esque theme to it. Not a direct copy lest they get slapped with a lawsuit, but definitely inspired by it. Can't blame them for having a half-cooked execution cause I'm sure no small time businessman would have the money to properly furnish a cafe to look like a Hobbit home. Imagine all that timber, low ceilings and sturdy wooden furniture. Don't even talk about the round doors. They make do by having a backdrop on one of their main walls. Perfect place to pose, and they even provide you with props-- Gandalf a floppy grey hat, elvish ears (cut from real elves!), Hobbit feet (found in Saruman's cellar) and a couple of battle axes (lifted off a pair of drunk dwarves). If you're adventurous, can even film some LOTR porn there.

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Feet

The main windows were given rounded corners, but the effect was well, a window with rounded corners. At other parts, the owner put in a faux fireplace and a modified map of Middle Earth, like those in Tolkien's books. The food menu had a similar theme as well. Picked out two items that the kids would enjoy. Fallen Towers is a pair of sausages wrapped in a breaded waffle, and served with screwed scrambled eggs. They even stuck a cherry tomato at the top of one 'tower' which I guess was supposed to be the Eye of Sauron. The Lava is a Chicken Cheesy Chop with melted cheese inside. The only thing missing was the One Ring. The kids finished most of the food. Mum and I had to eat their packed lunches (chicken sandwiches that their mum made) to supplement. Surprisingly, Little Monster approved of the Coconut Espresso that I ordered.

The Lava

Fallen Tower

Back at home, kept them entertained with YouTube. Come dinner time, dragged them to bathroom to get showered, and we all went to MaisonSK for dinner. That night she made teriyaki chicken, Pan-fried salmon, steamed prawns, steamed 7 star grouper (ay caramba!), winter melon soup, and stir-fried celery. Sent the kids home after that to the care of their mother.

Steamed Prawn and Fish


Jaded Jeremy said...

" Fallen Towers is a pair of sausages wrapped in a breaded waffle, and served with screwed eggs. " Screwed eggs??

William said...

Blame it on auto-correct. Hehe.

Hdaran said...

It's been a while since I've walked through what's now will i am's delayed diary!
Is this the only LOTR inspired cafes/restaurants in Malaysia??
Your picture of the backdrop makes it look a little believable!

William said...

Hope you enjoyed the revisit.
I'm not sure if this is the only LOTR-themed cafe in Malaysia.

Twilight Man said...

The lava looks gross.

William said...

My nephews love the cheese!