Monday, January 23, 2017

Depressing Pos Ekspres

I often complain about Pos Laju, but this is the first time I am ranting about Pos Ekspres. Pos Malaysia's lack of respect for its SLA is really quite mind-numbing. From a maximum of three days, I only received my the item six days later! Really wonder why I paid MYR3.70. Look at the chronology of events below from Pos Malaysia's Track and Trace v2 (Track and Trace v1 has been down for donkey years and e-Commerce sites are still referring to that):

Took five days for them to get the item from Butterworth to Seri Kembangan. I think they were aging the item. OK. I'll start ignoring it right away. Saw so many complaints on the Pos Malaysia Berhad Facebook page. The administrators kept advising the customers to file an online complaint. Repeating it over and over again.

Hi semua sila ajukan maklumbalas anda dengan mengisi agar kami boleh membantu anda dengan lebih lanjut. Kami mohon maaf diatas kesulitan yang telah anda hadapi. Terima kasih.

Funny thing was that the online feedback form wasn't working. The mandatory drop down list was empty. LOL.

That caused the customers to be even more pissed off.

Hi xxx boleh bagi screenshot error yang anda dapat di laman eFeedback form tersebut agar pihak ICT kami boleh menyemak error tersebut. Terima kasih.

They are so stupid that they cannot see the problem for themselves. And the best thing was, there was no way to post screenshots on the page. Really a basket case.

Weeks later after their e-Feedback form was working, I submitted a complaint on the burst SLA. Their response was as bad as their service:

Thank you for your feedback on Efeedback form.

We have escalated this matter to the relevant branch for further investigation & request them to send this item to you ASAP.

They will call you to update on this matter once the investigation done within 6 working days.

Yes, please send the item to me ASAP although I had already received it. Idiots.

Transformasi Pos Malaysia yang berjaya.

Anyway, I got the beautiful Christmas cards that I ordered from a talented local illustrator:

Christmas Cards

Check out his other works:

Instagram: @danzdanz83
Facebook: danzArts


Twilight Man said...

Wake up man! They are laffing at you with this in mind - You are stupid to use our POS-LAYU services.

William said...

Layu indeed!

Jaded Jeremy said...

That'a atrocious!

I never use their express service. I even overheard a Pos Laju postman label the service as Pos Lambat.

William said...

A badge of honour.

Derek said...

Next time just use normal mail ... like no difference.