Wednesday, January 18, 2017


For several years now, William Yap Yai Leong had been producing gay-themed plays in Chinese that offer laughter, eye candy, and of course the compulsory public service announcement. Very popular among the Chinese-speaking gay community. KH and I watched "People Like Us" in 2014 and followed up with "Long Term Relationship" a year later. The previous installment was "One Night Stand", but I didn't catch that. The latest was "BFF" which we nearly missed too because the tickets sold like hot cakes.

The plot revolved around seven friends, each with their own problems, bringing at least seven social issues to the table. Quite a mouthful really. We get:
  1. HIV
  2. Chemsex
  3. Gang violence
  4. Infidelity
  5. Webcam blackmail
  6. Coming out
  7. Fall out friends
  8. Death of a spouse
Lovely no? You'd be asking, "How about the skin?". Truth be told, we don't get much of that this time round. Weird that the use so much skin for the promotional posters, but get nothing in the play. I miss the days when Evan Siao and John Tan take off their tops for no apparent reason. This time round, we get Maxx Loh and Ash Gaby. In terms of physique, both are in the top 1%, but they do not reveal anything on stage. The whole time, the are garbed in long sleeved tops and joggers. Maxx has beautiful tattoos, but we only get a glimpse of whatever overflows past his wrists. Weird that they don't take advantage of the assets of their main actors.

After the play, we bought a pack of promotional postcards (skin! All proceeds go to PT Foundation) and were given free condoms. KH took some photos with Seasons Chee, the guy who played the funny Hakka-speaking mother. A very likable character.


Dinner was at Ploy, Publika where we were joined by SK and my mum. Heard a lot about this modern Asian fusion joint, but never actually tried it. I loved the Ploy's Black Fried Rice. Handsome presentation and delicious. Tasted even better topped with Crispy Baby Squid. The Tender Beef Ribs weren't impressive, just an extra sweet beef rendang. Blue Crabmeat Pizza was also good, but a bit heavy on the mayo. To close, we had Durian Panna Cotta and churros.

Black Fried Rice

Blue Crabmeat Pizza

Durian Panna Cotta

The places that we shop at Publika are pretty fixed-- Santorini and B.I.G. Even the flea market is the more premium than most. In previous years, Publika decorated with multiple artistic Christmas trees. The cut down the variety this year and opted for one big tree. The Christmas decorations at B.I.G. were beautiful-- so much gold and silver. Really puts you in the mood for Christmas shopping. Actually, our meal at Ploy wasn't very filling because the portions were small and there wasn't much carbs to go around. To supplement, we had some sushi and sashimi at B.G.F.S. Bwahaha.

Gold and Silver Xmas


At the end of the night, SK sent mum home, while I sent KH home. As usual, me made out outside his condo. I was pretty horny as I had not jerked off in a week. His lips over my mouth and his fingers on my nipples really heated me up. Suffice to say that KH went home that night with a souvenir on his shirt. :P.


Twilight Man said...

The dessert looks nice with an egg shell crowning.
You didn't eat 24 oysters but so horny.

William said...

That's fried rice, not dessert.
We are always horny. LOL.

Derek said...

Hmm think we shall skip his future plays!