Sunday, December 11, 2016



I don't usually splurge on underwear. In my book, brand is not that important. It's always about design and comfort. For two years now, I have been receiving newsletters from TOOT but I never ordered any. When it comes to Japanese underwear, it's always about the expensive price tag and shipping costs. However, TOOT has a unique perk-- they give out birthday points to their members. The points are supposed to expire in a year, but for some reason, I had accumulated two years of points in my account. I had a total of 2,000 points which was equivalent to JPY2,000. Not bad right? But when it comes to TOOT, actually JPY2,000 off isn't that much of a discount. LOL. But since I'm writing this post, it means that I actually bought something from them with those points. Chose the TSX Ultra Micro trunk which cost me a whopping JPY3,600 (harga sebelum diskaun)!!! Shaved off JPY2,000, but I still had to fork out JPY1,200 for shipping (but for that price, it did arrive in Malaysia very quickly). And you know how lovely the exchange rate is these days. Anyway, the reason I bought the TSX range was because it's their athletic range. Something not so common. The material is called Trinocool which is a combination of nylon, polyester, and polyurethane which makes it super silky, stretchy, quick-drying, and even provides UV protection (not that I really need that in my underwear LOL). It does look and feel good, so I'll just ignore that fact that I spent more than MYR100 on a pair of underwear.... Hmmm.... Slap me if I buy another pair. LOL.


Anonymous said...

sure, can i slap you in the ass and hear you moan? heheh

William said...

LOL. I should have seen that coming.

soul232 said...

I have been spending around 25-30 per piece for my undies lately, dont know is that cheap or expensive haha

William said...

That's a good price actually.

thompsonboy said...

I spent a lot on their swimwear in the past but that's in the past...LOL

Jaded Jeremy said...

Rm100??? Omg.

William said...

RM200-300 skimpy Speedos? What do you splurge on now?

IKR? I hardly spend more than MYR30 for a T-shirt.