Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Second Time at Thirdwave

Duck, Waffle and Ice Cream

I sniffled the whole of Friday until I stole a tab of Loratadine from KH. That night, I pengsan-ed from midnight till 9:00 AM. By that time, my mum had gone out with my The Tribe. Little Monster had to be at The Gardens Theatre for his concert rehearsal. KH knocked on my door at 9:30 AM. Initially, we were supposed to go out for breakfast, but our morning horniness got the better of us. At 9:35 AM we were both naked in bed and furiously kissing. Unfortunately, real life sex is not like a porn video. I just woke up, so I had to go get cleaned up before we continued to more serious business. I excused myself to the bathroom while KH fiddled with his phone. Once I got that out of the way, we went full throttle. He humped me good till I spooged on the sheets (opps). Nothing feels better than ejaculating while your man is inside you. Both of us were exhausted after that session and we were feeling super hungry.

Grilled Raclette Cheese

Drove over to Nexus Bangsar South to try out Thirdwave's savoury stuff. Quite a shock when we ascended the stairs from the basement carpark-- someone actually used a book as a door stop ("Road to Health" obviously didn't deliver). KH had the Duck, Waffle and Ice Cream, which uses duck confit, crispy waffles and ice-cream (egg and beef bacon infused but I thought it was vanilla!). An interesting combination is it not? KH chose the Grilled Raclette Cheese for me. Basically an open sandwich with melted cheese, egg and sausage, served with a side of pickles (not like it was necessary IMHO). SK went to great lengths to explain her customized fettuccine dish but ended up requesting for chili flakes in it although her throat was infected. Ended with a slice of Key Lime Pie and off we went to The Gardens Mall.

Book as Door Stop

Seafood Fettuccine


Traffic into the mall was quite smooth and more than a thousand parking bays were available at The Gardens Mall. The main reason we were there was for KH to collect his Road2Marathon race kit. Met up with Sis, Big Monster and mum at Nana's Green Tea for some refreshments. Big Monster had some allergies, so he was sneezing a whole lot. However, that did not stop his determination to attend his brother's concert. At 1:00 PM, they left to attend the concert while we continued with our shopping. Finally got a replacement pillow for myself after sleeping on a folded blanket for two weeks. Thanks baby!

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Felt bored after spending hours at the mall, so we left and regrouped at Gridz Cafe, Taman Danau Desa (Le Lapin's replacement). The menu was small but full of pork. We had a late lunch there with a trio pork dishes-- Moo Ping, Seasoned Pork and Porkie-Pine. The Moo Ping is slices of pork marinated grilled with sweet sauce. Seasoned pork is fried battered pork belly with fries. Lastly, Porkie Pine is two slabs of pork belly on a bed of mash, diced pineapples with beetroot sauce. Porkie-Pine is delicious and value for money at just MYR19. Their coffee is decent and they have a selection of flower teas where you can mix match. In my opinion, they should also offer some tried and tested pre-mixes to make things easy.

Moo Ping

Porkie Pine

Seasoned Pork

While lazily flipping through Men's Health Malaysia's September issue, caught sight of an interesting ad by Air Asia-- "Love is for All: Celebrate equality with our low fares". Going for the pink dollar it seems. The ad was complete with a rainbow and two guys taking a wefie. According to Air Asia, gay men love to fly to Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Manila, Cebu and Kalibo.

Air Asia Ad

Mum arrived home earlier than me. Rested a while before I had to go out again for a BEC committee meeting. Bah. Didn't have dinner, just snacked on some cakes and pineapples at the meeting. It was a long-winded meeting and by the time I got home, I was already half asleep. Early morning sex sessions always does this to me. Hehe.


Twilight Man said...

You are strong like horse!

Derek said...

My duty to take care of my husband while in bed, both asleep and awake. Hehe

William said...

Strong? LOL.