Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scrumptious Sunday

Roti Jala

Spent Sunday at One Utama. The mall was so crowded that even the One World Hotel parking was more filled up than usual. Went down to LG to look at the multitudes of restaurants and cafes. Most of them were bustling with customers. Walked till we finally found something that appealed to us-- Little Cravings. Food-wise, its's similar to Nyonya Colours (tiny pieces of Nyonya kuih at RM1+ per piece), but I must say that it tastes better. I recommend the Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. The rolls were freshly-made and the curry chicken was really creamy and thick. A whole bowl of it for you to slurp! The Asam Laksa ain't bad too, but it was really spicy. Minus points also for the super bitter coffee. Did a lot of walking around the mall, but we didn't buy much at all. It's not quite pleasant to navigate without a motorized scooter. Too big.


Letter by Hand

Kobe beef was the highlight of the evening. SK brought some back from her recent trip to Osaka, so she organized dinner at Jyu-Raku. To complement the beef, KH brought along a bottle of sake. Other items on the table were unagi, various sashimi, salad and grilled salmon. Continued our evening at Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery. Lifebook didn't join us because it was past his bedtime and Bless was burned out from the earlier Viper Challenge. Haikara was quite an interesting place run by a Japanese husband and wife team. The seats were very bouncy and the whole place was wafting with the aroma of Japanese curry. The Curry Frank was quite delicious using minced lamb and black eyed peas with a homemade hotdog bun. Their Haikara siphon coffee is also recommended but I wasn't impressed with the Matcha Tarik (too weak and flat). KH like the Haikara Cheese Cake so much that he took home another slice. Will definitely return to try their curry rice.

Sashimi Moriawase

Curry Frank


Twilight Man said...

Little Cravings and Nyonya Colours got same boss, same staff and same kuehs.

William said...

OMG. I will try the Roti Jala at Nyonya Colours to confirm this. :P

Twilight Man said...

Just look at this link
I am just surprised that such an active celebrity like you are not aware.

William said...

I can't know everything ma :P

Derek said...

Hehe ... See you said it yourself that we should go back to Haikara to try other things.