Monday, December 05, 2016

Party at Pampas


Every year, Cutiepie will make the time to celebrate my birthday. This year, it was on a Friday night after work. KH and I walked over to her office building. As luck would have it, before she could leave work, her boss threw a bitch fit and pulled her into a meeting. There was nothing we could do but wait. At least there was a Starbucks at the lobby where we could chill and sip an Asia Dolce Latte. By the time Cutiepie came down, she looked a bit drained. Thought it was due to work, but it was actually something more sinister. Anyway, she drove us to the dinner venue-- Pampas @ Old Malaya. Something new for me. Some genius had transformed a whole row of pre-war shophouses into restaurants with much character (but little parking).


Beer & Gifts

Mixed Grill

Disaster struck when we reached the restaurant-- Cutipie had started feeling nauseous. Several times she rushed to the toilet to vomit. The culprit was probably the lunch at Reggae Mansion (avoid!). In her condition, she only managed some hot water and bread. KH and I quickly finished up the beer, carpaccio, and steak (sedap!) so that she could go home to properly rest and purge her system! Will catch up again when her birthday comes up in the following month.

P.S.: Thanks for the lovely wallet.



Twilight Man said...

Goodness! I love that wallet and its brand. My birthday is just next month!!

Derek said...

Yeah lo, still haven't have dinner with her.

William said...

Hahaha. A hint for your wife.

Soon lo.

Willk said...

I love that present as well. Christmas is around the corner.