Thursday, December 01, 2016


The Market Place

OUG's multi-level wet market finally opened its doors. DBKL christened it The Market Place. I can now proudly tell people that I go to MP every week! The new market has much needed basement parking, toilets, and two floors of market retail space. The ground floor is reserved for vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, and garden plants while the first floor is for dry groceries and other products. Above that is OUG Jade Restaurant which looks really posh. Recently they had some drama on FB where they openly had a war of words with a disgruntled customer. On the top floor is an indoor badminton court. On the ground floor, a drain runs through the middle of all the walkways. The drains have metal covers so the whole market rings with the sound of feet tramping on the metal plates. Wonder what hearing to that day in, day out does to a person. On a separate note, Bersih 5 T-shirts had also started to appear at the market.

Bersih 5 T-shirts

Felt like ages since I serviced my Iswara Skyline. I was not sure if it was due for an oil change since the mileage sticker had faded into oblivion. Did a quick check with the dipstick. When I pulled out the dipstick, it was dry as a whistle. Yikes. Quickly drove it over to my regular workshop. When I picked up the car several hours later, the mechanic told me that there was hardly 0.5 liters of engine oil in there. Double yikes.

Eggplant and Beancurd Skin YTF

Got sick of eating in my neighbourhood, so mum and I ventured to Taman Perindustrian Serdang for dinner. The place is quite developed now. Even has a Burger King and Tong Kee Bakery. Drove around but couldn't decide on what to eat. Mum suddenly thought of YTF, so we went to Restoran Puchong Yong Tau Fu. Food there is cheap, hot and yummy. Very satisfying.

Okra and Bitter Gourd YTF

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