Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mid-November Quickie

New Breakfast

How times have changed... al fresco kopitiam breakfast of salmon sashimi with kopi. A normal scene at OUG morning market.

Curry Noodles

Call me an old fart, but I prefer thick curry noodles for breakfast!

Bags and Toys

An old man looking for a gift for his grandchildren. He must be so confused by all the Disney princesses.

Lunch at Home

Nothing beats a home-cooked lunch by your mum. Red wine residual chicken is something that mum and I really like to eat.


Derek said...

So random. The curry mee is the one at the alley, right?

William said...

Yes, baby.

Twilight Man said...

Derek only visits your blog in this whole universe! How lucky you baby William.
I learnt a new word today - Red wine residual chicken!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Wahhhh salmon wor.