Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jolly with Jasonino

Pho Bo

Did my usual Sunday routine of church and Paradigm Mall-ing. Christmas decorations weren't up yet in the mall, but the retail shops are already displaying their Christmas wares. Lunch was at Phostreet, a new kid on the block. Felt some trepidation because it wasn't that long from my Viet Vomit episode at Lucky Quan. Hehe. Anyway, I was delighted that they serve pork. Tried their mixed beef pho and a pork chop rice. Must say that the portions don't quite hold up well to the pictures in the menu. Decent taste. But I must say that the sauces were very spicy. Mum and I directly went hunting for cendol to douse the fire in our mouths. In case you didn't know, Teochew Chendul has durian, chempedak, and white coffee varieties for their cendol now.

KH and I had received an invitation to Jasonino's housewarming later that evening. His new place was located in Kajang, in an area that I had never visited before. Took us about an hour to get there. For some reason, I never remembered having met Jasonino before. In actual fact, I had met him some time ago while the Thai Nicky was in town. My bad. Nyanyuk. The party was a potluck and we brought roast duck. Other stuff on the table was fried rice, fried noodles, fruit salad, satay, pizza, and cookies.

I did not know anyone in the party with the exception of Kit and Yves (TSG organizing chairman). Too bad I did not get to meet their significant others and Jasonino's boyfriend was absent too. Among the guests were some veterans who are big names in gay activism. From my observation, the party was split into two groups. One group sat in front of the TV with Masterchef Korea running. The other group (which I was a part of) congregated near the dining table and had raucous conversations about Little Fresh Meat in Jasonino's dragon boating group (seems to be all the rage now). At one point, Rick (KH's friend from TSG) brought up a topic of two guys who like each other but were too afraid of the future to initiate a relationship. We unanimously decided that they should just screw each other until the fear goes away. We didn't stay till late and imbibed little of the alcohol. Thanked our gracious host and left by 10:00 PM.


Twilight Man said...

Bwahahaha! What a theory to screw the fears away!

Happy Fearless New Year to you & Derek.

Derek said...

Always give skanky advice LOL

William said...

@Twi: @Derek:
Win-win situation.