Saturday, December 31, 2016


Starbucks Reserve

Thirteen years at the same company-- not many people can do that. You can say that I am a super loyal employee. In those 13 years I had been involved in three different subsidiaries but all in the same group of course. In my current position, I'm kinda left high and dry. All the middle managers had left and the original director who seconded us over has also since jumped ship. All because of one person. A megalomaniac who behaves like a God King in the company. After a major exodus of employees from a combination of transfers and resignations, he even blocked future attempts for internal transfer. A real vindictive bully. Long story short, I am now looking to leave. From time to time, my ex-boss hands me some job opportunities from his contacts. The first two didn't work out. On the third try, I got a call from HR and an interview was arranged! Goodness, my first interview in 13 years. And my first interview wasn't even really an interview at all because all that I was asked was where I lived and how many siblings I had!

Naturally, I was a little anxious with so little experience on the matter. Went digging for popular interview questions on the internet. From those questions, I framed my answers and rehearsed in my mind. Also readied a clear folder with all my important certificates, but in the end it wasn't referred to. The interview was on a Friday afternoon, so I wore my formal clothes to work that day. I don't think any of my colleagues suspected because I do not always practise casual Friday. At noon, I took the LRT down to Bangsar and hitched a ride to Midvalley City with Grab. Just grabbed a quick bite to eat at Wetzel's Pretzels (Auntie Anne's is better lo).

I think the interview went well. It came naturally to me. Maybe cause the interviewers weren't daunting. The techie threw me some real world scenarios to test my thought process while the other director asked more soft-skill related questions. The whole thing was wrapped up in exactly an hour as scheduled. Heaved a big sigh of relief. Hopefully I will be shortlisted. Could finally feel my hunger. Went to lunch at Ichiriki with Wai as my lunch partner. Some time later, SK joined us and we went to Starbucks Reserve for coffee and cake. Sat and chatted till it was time to join the Friday evening traffic.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh, hope you'll get it!

William said...

Thanks! I'll have to call HR. They have not gotten back to me since the last interview.

William K said...

Good luck mate.

William said...


Twilight Man said...

You are like an old ginger that stayed in the flower pot for too long. Time to hop out and smell greener grass. Good luck William!

William said...

Can old ginger blossom?

Twilight Man said...

You will be surprised some bosses only seek very old and fragrant gingers like me. LOL
I have changed over 15 jobs in my life.

Derek said...

Should follow up with them soon!