Friday, December 09, 2016

Birthday Fungus Fighting

Lam Mee

On rare occasions when there's too much food in the refrigerator, mum declares that there's no need to go to the wet market. Happy news really as I get to sleep in a bit. After getting up, I can immediately think about breakfast. We went to Bandar Puteri Puchong to eat at Uncle Xian Noodle House, another one of those 'famous' old shops turned cafe. Tried the curry noodles and lam mee. Mum liked the curry, but I hated the lam mee, The gravy was too effing sweet. But the ramen they used in it had a good texture. Service was excellent and the waitress even took our complaint seriously regarding the taste of the lam mee.

Curry Mee

Since I was in Bandar Puteri Puchong, I used the opportunity to get a replacement cartridge for the leaky faucet in my kitchen. Never knew that the colour of the cartridge actually denoted the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction of the faucet. Red and blue. Hot and cold. I got it wrong for one or two taps at home, so they operate in reverse mode.

Back home, mum was in the mood for home improvement. A leaky pipe problem (fixed, thank goodness) had left the walls stained with water marks and fungus. We pushed out a large cabinet from the wall and found that its plywood backing was bloated and infested with fungus. Yuck! We tried repainting the wall, but the ruined layer of plaster kept coming off with every pass of the roller. Tried peeling the layer off, but that it seemed to thick. In the end we just painted the affected section of the wall with a brush. That seemed to work. The cabinet was more troublesome. Mum cleaned the surface, let it dry, nailed it back in then gave it a coat of varnish. So much work!


By evening, I had to put down the paint brush and go shower because I had a BFF birthday dinner at Nexus Bangsar South (my first time there). KH organized the dinner at Edo Ichi and it was attended by Khatijah, BeautifulMale, JJ, Bunny, Janvier, The Chief, and SK. To the benefit of the other patrons, we were given a private room for our usually boisterous dinners. Coincidentally, the private next to our's was also celebrating a birthday. Funny that they kept singing the last verse of "Happy Birthday" sporadically like a kind of broken record.

"Happy birthday to you......"

Sashimi Moriawase

For the second part of the evening, we moved to Thirdwave for coffee and dessert. Every dessert that came to the table was impressive. Kanten and Ice Cream is a great combination of matcha kanten jelly and hojicha ice cream. Loved it. Juliet's Dream was wonderfully plated like a flowery crescent moon. Elderflower pannacotta paired with raspberry sorbet, perfect for those who like a tangy dessert. The ice cream sandwich was simple in presentation but perfect in its geometry. Another great item is the key lime pie. Good balance of flavours with a hint of coconut. Will go back to try their mains.

Juliet's Dream

Bird Mural

Key Lime Pie


Ice Cream Sandwich

Opened my gifts there and here's what I got:
  1. JJ and Bunny: Cold, hard cash.
  2. Khatijah: An Emporio Armani brief in his favourite color-- Bersih 5.0 yellow.
  3. BeautifulMale: Red wine.
  4. Janvier and The Chief: Quick Release Cock Cage-- The Tripe Helix Enhancer.
Yes, Janvier and The Chief got me a triple cock ring. One for the shaft, one for the shaft and balls, and another for just the balls. The most interesting gift of the year. Thank you all for coming!

Cock Ring


Anonymous said...

ooh...has your hubby used the cockrings on you yet? heheh

Derek said...

Hehe so many birthday celebrations for you this year ...

Jaded Jeremy said...

Thirdwave dessert was so good!