Thursday, November 03, 2016

Zombies & Qipaos

A zombie movie from Korea is as groundbreaking as kimchi from India. Watched it with KH after a huge lunch at Bru Cafe, Faber Towers. The calzone we ordered was big enough to feed two. On top of that, I ordered a mound of pasta topped with a cheese covered baked chicken thigh. If you're a fan of cheese wheel pastas, you can have that there too.

Pasta with Cheesy Chicken


"Train to Busan" was surprisingly good. The premise is quite fresh, zombies on a train. Definitely better than snakes on an aircraft. Character development was present. It was fast-paced. There's some critique on society if you care to look for it. Funny moments properly planted. Eye candy provided by Gong Yoo (unfortunately he didn't show any skin). Perfect recipe for a likable movie. And so many memes appeared online since it coincided with major LRT breakdowns in the city. With the popularity of this movie, Korean beauty companies would undoubtedly roll out products to recreate that dazzling zombie complexion.

Could not continue to paktor with KH after the movie because I had to attend a qipao pageant with mum at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Her friend was a contestant so she had some free seats. Some celebrity judges were there, namely Amber Chia and Ms. Astro Chinese International 2013, Zhiny. Since I was sitting beside the VIP table, I could observe them up close. Surprised to find that Amber actually ate whatever was served (typical Chinese banquet fare from Sekinchan). One would think that she eats saw dust and absorbs moisture from the air to keep her figure.

Red Lanterns

Qipao Pageant from William Ng on Vimeo.

In my opinion, the event wasn't very well-organized. During the speech of the chairperson of the KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly's women's chapter, she requested that the spotlight be switched off. The lighting technician couldn't understand mandarin, so one of the emcees had to jump on stage and shout:

"Azman ah! Itu lampu kasi tutup!"

A cringe-worthy moment with all your VIPs and guests watching. Worst of all was the wrong tabulation of results. They had announced the final eight and presented consolation prizes to five contestants. Mum's friend was in the final three! When they announced the second runner up, confusion reigned because that woman was already given a consolation prize. *FACEPALM*. Amber was quite professional and came to the rescue of the organizers by trying to divert attention while they got things sorted out. In the end, mum's friend didn't clinch it. She was demoted to consolation prize. Short-lived happiness. Such a bummer.

Qipao Pageant Finalists

Qipao Pageant I

Qipao Pageant II


Twilight Man said...

Amber is always a humble and tactful host that makes her all time popularity.

William said...

You know her?

Twilight Man said...

She knows me but I don't know her.