Monday, November 14, 2016

Teochew Tryst

Oyster Omelette

Once again, mum was away on an official function-- Mid-Autumn Festival-related. That gave KH and I another opportunity to 'hook up'. A good part of the morning was spent on that. Once we had rested enough, we called up SK for lunch. We ate at Restoran Hoi Kee Heng Hwa, a Teochew restaurant in Taman Desa. Been a while since we ate there. To replenish lost sexual energy, we ordered an oyster omelette. Carbs were from a plate of Heng Hwa Bihun. Also ordered a round of hot watercress drinks, something uncommon at restaurants. Tastes like sweetened watercress soup.

Heng Hwa Bihun

Right after lunch, we went hunting for coffee. Gambled on Le Bon Cafe near LDG. Bad choice. We were greeted by lukewarm service and most of the tables had been reserved for God knows what reason. The owner couldn't be bothered to vacate a table that his staff used for lepaking. Sympathetic customers vacated a table for us to use instead. Coffee was meh too and here were no cakes. Won't be going back there again.

Every Day is a Good Day with Coffee

Picked mum up at around 5:00 PM and she had collected a whole bunch of free mooncakes from the function. We went grocery shopping at NSK since we didn't go to the wet market. Not been there in ages. Business was still as brisk.

Mini Lobsters


Twilight Man said...

I have been passing this Restoran Hoi Kee Heng Hwa and never stopped. Are their oysters effective???

William said...

Try and see lo!