Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nifty Nine

1st Day of the 9th Lunar Month

During my childhood, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival was an annual event that I looked forward to. During the nine days of celebration we would go there on at least two nights. Different ceremonies were performed each night, coupled with lion dances and opera performances. Several mediums oversaw the ceremonies which included fire walking, dipping one's hands in hot oil, crossing a knife bridge, body piercing, tongue slashing, and beating with a flail. Always interesting to watch. For those nine days, I would be wearing a yellow cloth talisman on my wrist. As far as I remember, we would always attend the last day where there would be a bridge-crossing ceremony. Mum would make sure that we wore a white T-shirt so that the vermilion seal can be clearly stamped on when we stepped off the bridge. Once that was completed, they would cut down the tall bamboo pole with the 九曲灯 lamp and burn the whole bridge, marking the end of the nine days. But anyway, the point that I want to make is that, my lunar calendar birthday is celebrated on first day of the ninth month, which is the start of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. LOL.

The Nine Emperor Gods

Went to the morning market as usual, then went to cut my hair. My stylist must think my face is getting 'jollier' because he styles my hair keeps getting higher in an attempt to lengthen my face. Had a late lunch at Taman Damai Utama where I ordered a bowl of Minnesota Soup Noodles which turned out to be prawn noodles. Perhaps 明州 referred to 林明 (Sg. Lembing) that produced a similar type of noodles.

Minnesota Noodles

Roasted Pork Rice

SK came over in afternoon with a whole lot of Nyonya dumplings and Kee Zhang (not really something I like) from Melaka. It was an afternoon tea that was heavy on the digestive tract. So much glutinous rice.

Nyonya Zang and Kee Zang

Later that evening, SK and I had dinner while mum had a church activity to attend. Not wanting to stray far from Taman Megah, we ate at Sushi Kame, Atria Shopping Gallery. An expensive sushi treat on my birthday. Atria didn't have much to hold our attention in term of retail options, so we just chilled at TEA Verandah until it was time to pick my mum up. She didn't have a proper dinner, so we made a stop at Kayu Nasi Kandar before calling it a night.


Tea & Cake


Twilight Man said...

Surprised that you liked to watch that festival. Were you a Taoist before? LOL

William said...

I only converted to Catholicism in 2006.

Derek said...

Never attended the festival before le ....

William said...

So famous le.