Sunday, November 20, 2016

Live, Run, Love

IMU Chariofare 2016 T-shirt

The last time I attended 'A Run That Wasn't A Run' was in February of 2015-- the Alliance Pacer Runfie. In 2016, KH asked to me to join the IMU Chariofare. Woke up at 5:30 AM and by 6:00 AM I was out the door with mum. Easily found parking at the Sri Petaling LRT station and was at the starting point by 6:15 AM. The flag off for the 5 KM run was not for another half an hour, so we had a warm up session first. KH arrived at 6:30 AM.

Moi: Why aren't you wearing your skanky pants?

KH: It's just 5 KM. But I have it in my bag.

Moi: Bring already then wear lo.


Wakaka. For my benefit. From my observation, there weren't many 10 KM runners. The majority came for the fun run. In my opinion, the organizers weren't very organized. The PA system they used was quite a failure. Couldn't hear a thing they were saying. And when I could hear, I found that the language they used were bordering on bossy and impolite. Perhaps they are too used to 'herding' their own students and forgot that the run is open to the public.

Morning at Bukit Jalil Golf Course

When it was our time to start, we let the kids get in front of us. We matched our pace to mum's speed, which was more often than not a brisk walk. Going slower was safer too since the organizers did not block off traffic. At the start of the run, runners were already faced with oncoming traffic on a narrow road. Even in such a special situation, motorists demand the right of way. Didn't see that many crew along the route. For some reason, the crew directed us to run on the road instead of on the pavements or grass. Baffling since we have to share the road with the morning traffic.

Morning at CCC

From IMU, we cut through Taman Esplanad and came out on Jalil Link. The route continued to Calvary Convention Center (my first time going in there) and exited on Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil! Never thought I would be running on side of that busy road with all that roadworks going on. That whole section climbs an incline so we slowed down a bit to let mum catch her breath. The last one kilometer was much easier since it was downhill all the way. At the finish line, we found a long queue for the goodie bags. Just a whole lot of coupons and some snacks really. Didn't even notice that there was a RM5 food coupon in there. It was too tiny!

Outside Taman Esplanade

We gave the charity fair a once-over before deciding to have our breakfast elsewhere. Drove over to Yan Yan Dim Sum on Old Klang Road, a place that is popular with the budget-conscious. Every single thing on the menu is priced at MYR3. Of course the portions are proportionate to the price as well. My verdict for the place ain't good. I would rather pay more for quality. Can never tolerate dim sum with soft, mushy skin. And I don't think the phoenix claws were fresh. Yikes. The only decent item was the custard bun, KH's must-order dish. Although we were not full, we just paid the bill and left.

IMU Chariofare 2016

Right next door, TBM was having a sale with some early bird specials. No wonder the roads were choked with illegal parkers and RELA was seen directing traffic. Don't know what the fuss was about. People were actually lining up in the hot morning sun to pay for mystery items that didn't seem cheap to me at all.

Dropped KH back at his home, but mum and I still had not headed home. Stopped at Taman United to buy some 4D and do some marketing. The market there was small and it was already late, so we didn't get much of anything. Mum and I shared a plate of wantan noodles to supplement our less than satisfactory breakfast.


Back home, I showered and rested a while before needing to send mum out again. She had another society meeting, so I dropped her off and went looking for KH. Not knowing what to eat for lunch, we went to Faber Towers to have a look-see. For some reason, business was brisk at Macaroni, and for that same reason, we gave it a miss. Noticing LDG's new food menu, we ate there instead. We weren't exactly very hungry, so it was just a big breakfast for two. The portion was respectable and I liked their scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms. Although the bacon was bovine, I didn't mind.

Big Breakfast

Almond Croissant

Like the week before, we went to my place for some fun (just a 5 KM run definitely larat!). We already knew what each of us wanted so we quickly got to business. It was like a continuation of what we didn't cover last week. Rare that I actually felt that I climaxed in waves. Guess we did what was described in the IMU Chariofare's slogan: Live, Run, Love. I like the Love part more than the Run. Both of us were exhausted, so we snuggled and had a short nap, arms and legs all entangled. Then my phone rang... and poof, time to pick up mum.


Twilight Man said...

You are always running around and climaxing like a Duracell Battery Generator.
I always bought stuffs from TBM as they often have lowest promo prices besides real display unit bargains.

William said...

LOL, making up for lost time during my younger days.
You should have went to line up that day!

Derek said...

Hehe I know you like the love part the most... Muacks

William said...

Bila nak lagi?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Wah, the run was badly organised.