Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yams and Yapping


Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a post told in photos. First things first, hunting for yams at the OUG morning market. It's amazing how these little buggers generate so much buzz among the aunties. Mum says that these smaller yams are superior in taste and texture.

Next up was a visit to the Chinese traditional medicine hall for a consultation. This time to improve mum's digestive tract. Found bars of crocodile oil face soap on the counter. Wonder if its Killer Croc's beauty secret.

Crocodile Oil Face Soap

My lunch was a bowl of sinful dry curry noodles. Oh so thick, creamy and oily!

Dry Curry Noodles

Back home, I did my usual Saturday chores. My weekly routine was punctuated with a surprise visit from SK and Gratitude who had come with a box of baked charsiew buns (unmistakably babi inside) from Fu Wah. Whipped up some tea and we had a great minum teh session.

Baked Charsiew Bun

SK brought us to Choy Hi for dinner again. I ain't complaining cause we tried the other stuff on their menu. Fishballs were nice and bouncy. Pork intestines were excellent. Even the simple dish of stir-fried watercress was good. All good except for the yam pork. Too salty, not too great.


Yam & Pork



The night was still young so we climbed up to Bow Wow Cafe, a dog-friendly cafe (but not JAKIM-friendly). From the looks of things, its also LGBT-friendly. There's a barrier at the entrance to avoid dogs escaping and there is also a special 'pen' where dogs can play, but basically the dogs are all over the place. Whole lot of hand sanitizers around and the staff are always on hand to clean up messes. Dog food is also on the menu, so don't be 'confused' and make a wrong order. Truth be told, I'm not particularly enamored with fur kids, but some of the dogs I saw there were really beautiful and well-groomed.

Flat White and Doggy Biscuit

Dogs II

Dogs I

Playful Dogs from William Ng on Vimeo.


Twilight Man said...

I wanna laugh so hard at the Croc Oil Soap as I am using the Hokkaido's Horse Lard creams now. I believe these 2 animals have mighty powers. The Horse Oil really tightens my face and even grow hairs! Ask Lifebook!

I wanna try this Croc Oil now.

William said...

Imagine what the horse cream can do down there!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oooooh doggies. How was the food there?