Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wet Market After Hours

Market After Hours

Sunday's lunch was a continuation of Saturday's dinner. A DAP stalwart had invited the bunch of us over to her food stall at the Old Klang Road wet market (3 1/2 mile). At that time of day, the hustle and bustle of the market had died down and stalls were being shuttered. It was only us and the cleaners. The nice lady bid us to sit while she doled out dish after dish of goodies. We digged in to fried glass noodles, fried yellow noodles, Singapore style kway teow, sambal petai, Teochew porridge and stir-fried clams. After the food had been polished off, mangosteens and duku were served. If not for the stuffy conditions, the lunch party would have lasted longer.

Glass Noodles


Flat Rice Noodles

In the evening, went out to Taman Bukit Jalil with the tribe. Little Monster was quick to show off the pair blue Adidas sports shoes that his mother had just bought for him that afternoon (the kid has fat feet, so its hard to find a suitable pair). Judging by how much he ran, the shoes were a good fit. On the contrary, Big Monster didn't have much stamina that day. Just after a couple of trips and the kids were already familiar with the routes around the park. A good way to teach them some navigational skills. An hour there was enough to tire the kids out as they had used up a lot of their energy at MegaKids in the afternoon. So cute to see the little one all flushed, sweaty and dazed. I also fulfilled my fitness quota for the day and spotted enough eye candy in skanky pants (gomenasai, no pics!).

Pre-Wedding Photography

Went home to shower then drove to MaisonSK for a home cooked dinner of soup and stewed sea cucumber. If that wasn't enough, we followed through with Pu Er, apples and chorizo. Guess I run to eat.

Stewed Sea Cucumber

Pu Er Tea

Fruits, Tomatoes and Chorizo


Derek said...

The small one is so adorable when exhausted

Anonymous said...

boo..no pics again...:(.....

William said...


Sedih kan?

Twilight Man said...

Thanks for reminding me about Taman Bukit Jalil which used to be my regular running spot. Amazing that you have so many nicknames for everyone which you remembers all. Elephant brains!

William said...

No need to remember the names de. Hardly any repeats.