Monday, October 10, 2016

Sorry Sean


It was a usual church Sunday that was followed by an excursion to Empire Shopping Gallery. Felt like having Japanese that day, so went to Rakuzen. For some reason, could never get a table there, always ended up at the counter. I had an interesting ordering experience with a twinky waiter, Sean:

Moi: The Rokkaku bento please.

Sean: The bento has a choice of unagi, saba or salmon.

Moi: Saba please.

Sean: Teriyaki or Shioyaki?

Moi: Shio.

Sean: Very good.

(1 minute later)

Sean: Sorry sir, I made a mistake. The bento comes with Gindara. Shio?

Moi: Yes.

(1 minute later)

Sean: Sorry sir, I made a mistake again. It's actually Salmon.

Moi: OK. But make it teriyaki.

In normal circumstances, I would have slapped him, but he was so adorable that I just smiled.


Negitoro Maki

Made a visit to Taman Bukit Jalil with the kids in the evening. So cute to see Little Monster run. His face was so flushed. When he got tired, he ran in a zig-zag fashion, like a drunken fly. Also introduced the kids to the Ixora, teaching them how to get to the nectar by pulling on the filament. City kids have it so different.


Twilight Man said...

He made mistakes on purpose. Did you get it?

William said...

No lo. I overheard that he's a temp staff. The menu had changed since he was last there.

Anonymous said...

damn...was hoping for a picture of that twinky waiter sean... :(

Willk said...

That's doesn't look like you when you saw twinky guy normally you will try your best to take their person. Why hide the twinky guy and don't want to share with us. :p

William said...

@Anon: @WillK:
Sorry for disappointing both of you. I was seated at the counter so I could not get a shot. If the sushi chef was twinky, then that's another story. :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

"When he got tired, he ran in a zig-zag fashion, like a drunken fly." Rofl!

William said...

His face gets all red like a tomato too.