Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SAFRApore IV: Going Home

Prawn Noodles

It was time to checkout so we made good use of the bed for one last time. Still had a little time, so we went to the food court at Old Airport Road. Ate some fish soup and prawn noodles. Really old school there as most of the hawkers spoke Cantonese. Took the bus back and I spied a really horrible sign inside:


The Malay is ... ugh (no pineapple pen here). Hate the sentence structure. We finished packing and took the MRT to Changi. Met up with Tater there who was catching his flight back to Bangkok. Tater passed us some egg custard mooncakes (I dunno why this is popular) from Hong Kong. Due to some weird circumstances, ZR was in Hong Kong for a day trip and he bought some back.

Although it was a short trip, we managed to meet many friends and made good use of the time.

P.S.: Tater's cookies didn't the survive the flight back to KL. Had to improvise a bit. I scooped some chocolate pecan ice cream, put in some sliced bananas and sprinkled liberal amount of cookie crumbs on top. The kids loved it.

Ice Cream


Twilight Man said...

You are such a good chef to make kids happy.

William said...

Just assembly.