Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kidz in KL

LRT Masjid Jamek

Kidz was in KL for his CLP exams so we managed to find the time to meet up for dinner. If not mistaken, the last we met was in Singapore when I down there for a short placement. That was in January 2014. The last he posted in his blog was in July 2014. Two long years. How time flies. KH and I brought him to dinner at Restoran Hong Ngek at Jalan Tun HS Lee. A simple dinner of fried pak ko, Thai-style tofu and deep-fried salted chicken. The staff were waiting for us to finish. Lee Chong Wei was competing in the badminton singles semi-finals that evening, so they wanted to close up early to watch the match! Poor us. Had to find cafe for drinks. Quite impossible to find any cafes open during time, so we had to settle for a session at the mamak shop. From what we heard, he seems happy with his job in the legal profession. Quite a jump from IT to law. And for those who are interested, he isn't seeing anyone at the moment ya... :P

Fried Pak Ko

Thai-style Tofu

Fried Salted Chicken


Willk said...

nice food but the portion look kinda huge for 2 person.

William said...

Three actually. KH was there too. I have updated the post. :P