Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Rewarding Merdeka

Old Shop

Mum had a full day workshop at church on the 31st of August, so it was Merdeka for me. Something about preparing for your twilight years. After dropping mum off, SK and I had a BKT breakfast at Yi Xin Ge. Went back home after that.


Sour Vegetables

At around 10:00 AM, KH roped me in to do some volunteer work for the Straits Games 2016. For those not familiar with the event, its actually an annual sporting event to foster friendship and promote a healthy lifestyle in the LGBT Community. TSG celebrated its 15th anniversary in Kuala Lumpur. The organizing chairman needed some help to sort out the program books. When we arrived, several volunteers were already there. Met KH's friend whom I had not seen for 7 years or so. After ninety minutes or so, we left for an early lunch at Restoran Ho Boh. First time trying their abacus seeds. Actually quite oily because they stir fry the abacus seeds with thin strips of dried calamari. But of course the end result is also very fragrant.

Lui Cha

Abacus Seeds

Retired back to my place after that for some 'quality time'. KH's way of rewarding me for my volunteer work. Skanked from the bathroom to the bedroom. Although the sex is important, I equally enjoy the times we just snuggle and press our naked flesh close. By evening, KH went home and I went to pick mum up.


Derek said...

Thanks dear for your help! Muacks

William said...

Just do a bit of work only. You did more 'work'. LOL.

Willk said...

well the extra work is ur lovely partner to release tension. :p

Twilight Man said...

So adventurous! From bathroom into bedroom.......

William said...

He always says that he does more 'work'.

LOL. Not too adventurous la.