Thursday, September 01, 2016

Warehouse & Water

For the first time ever, mum and I went to the DKSH warehouse sale at Parklane Commercial Hub, Kelana Jaya. Great that they decided to provide free parking for the duration of the event. It was already the last day, so most of the good stuff had already been carted off. Nothing much caught our eye and we were eager to leave because it was sweltering. As we were walking to the car, I spotted Beans Depot and decided to give it a try. Shared an affogato with mum to cool off. Got some freebies too-- they wrap coffee grind in used coffee filters then tie it up with string. Supposed to work as an odour eater.


Coffee Filter Cup

Went to Paradigm Mall for some window shopping after that. As expected, the Hari Raya decorations centered on a kampung house.


In the evening, went over to MaisonSK for dinner. The Tribe was there earlier to have a dip in the pool. Little Monster was so clingy and refused to put his head in the water.

Water Gun

Hurray, my last post for June. :P.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Little Monster learning to swim?

William said...

Main air jer. I think will be difficult for him to learn at this age.

Twilight Man said...

Hey you just shared a brilliant idea using the unwanted coffee grind!
I have booked a smoking room in Sapporo cos all hotels are full on the Snow Festival Week. I have been cracking my nuts how to eliminate the nicotine smells.

William said...

Yikes, the smell would have permeated into the carpets and furniture. The good thing about Japanese hotels is that they usually provide odour sprays. If they don't, just hop over to the konbini to get some.

Clayman said...

Affogatto looks awesome! :D

William said...


Twilight Man said...

Thanks for your Konbini tips. I am counting and crossing fingers that the room might smell less smoke with the minus 5 degrees temp.