Monday, September 19, 2016

Naughty Nunsense

Shore to Please

On Saturday afternoon, KH and I were presented with a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together. Right after lunch, mum went to her society meeting, so that gave us ample time to skank. Our last session was in May, so we were understandably horny. KH really hit the spot. Spent and sweaty, we snuggled in bed, showered then went out for coffee at Strangers At 47.

Red Riding Hood

It was our first time there. Initial impression was good because they provided good table service. All the staff were young females with a lone guy manning the cashier. Started with a flat white and an affogatto (ice cream on a rainy afternoon), both of which were quite good. Felt a little nippish so we tried their crepes, one savoury and another sweet. For the savoury crepe, we chose Shore to Please, a seafood version with prawns, battered calamari and a creamy salted egg yolk sauce. A good combo. For dessert, we had the Red Riding Hood, which is their red velvet crepe. Didn't quite like that.

Bear & Fox

Later in the evening, we were going to watch "Nunsense" at PJ Live Arts, so we drove over to Jaya One to kill some time. Loitered at Cold Storage and aimlessly roamed The School. An hour before the show, we ate at Go Rice Shop. As the name suggests, they only serve rice. I had the Pork Slice Soupy Rice while KH ate the Four Treasures Mini Bowl. Soupy rice means rice in broth. The portion was big, but the rice was all broken. The pork slices were thin and yummy, like those used in sukiyaki. The Four Treasures Mini Bowl consisted of soya sauce chicken, braised peanuts, mui choi and stewed egg. Normally when one says "Four Treasures", it refers to four varieties of meat.

Four Treasures Mini Bowl

"Nunsense" is a comedy musical that is said to be the world's second longest running off-Broadway musical. The story revolves around five nuns from the Little Sisters of Balakong who survived a mass poisoning at their convent. In order to raise funds for the burials, Mother Superior Mary Regina holds a fundraiser with the help of Sister Mary Hubert, Sister Robert Anne, Sister Mary Leo and Sister Mary Amnesia (she lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head). Overall, it was pretty funny but didn't get some of the jokes because we weren't very sure what they were singing.

Each ticket holder was eligible for a free B1F1 drinks at Frontera Sol of Mexico, so we ordered a couple of their Horny Margaritas and a plate of nachos. I remember that my last time there was to celebrate My President's birthday (this name had not appeared in my writings for years too). The nachos was great and the drinks were quite strong. Kinda floated to the car a bit.

Horny Margaritas



Twilight Man said...

I wanted to laugh at your cake after reading your skank and sweaty sessions. The cake was messed by KH.

William said...


Twilight Man said...

Like a public reader, you must read from first para of skank sessions...... KH really hit the spot. Spent and sweaty, we snuggled in bed, showered then went out for coffee at Strangers At 47.......

Then anyone would find the cake looking hilarious.

Derek said...

Muacks... Another lovely day with dear.