Saturday, September 17, 2016

July Wake


Marketing on Raya Keempat was a quiet affair. Many were away on holidays and some suppliers were still not open for business. Mum didn't buy much at all. Got home earlier than usual. At 10:30 AM, I went over to Honda Service Centre at Equine Park to pick KH up. Brought him over to my home to hang out. Made him coffee and served him snacks. My mother made small talk with him. She even made him lunch of fried rice.



Felt bored at home (not like we could lock the door and shag), so we went to AEON Equine Park to do some shopping. Not many shoppers there. Saw that there was a new cafe there, so we made a bee line for it. The new place was called Aroma Village, with a Nyonya Colours-like concept (means the kuih is as small and expensive LOL). Tried cendol and roti jala. The cendol (referring to the green worms) itself was actually quite good, not the frozen variety. The palm sugar was quite fragrant but truth be told, it did not have the correct cendol taste. The coconut cream taste was too weak. As for the roti jala, the texture was good, but the curry chicken was too oily and the meat too soft.

Aroma Village

KH's car was ready for collection at 4:00 PM, so we dropped him off on our way out from AEON. Mum cooked an early dinner of instant noodles before we went to church to attend a wake. An elderly member of my BEC had succumbed to a brain tumour. Truth be told, it was my first Catholic wake. Didn't know about the aspergillum used to sprinkle holy water on the deceased's portrait. It was the first night, and a lot of people came to pay their respects. At 8:30 PM, members from the Legion of Mary started a prayer session. Left at an hour later after a little socializing. Sad to discover that another member of our BEC recently discovered a tumour behind her nose. So much bad news...

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