Friday, September 23, 2016

Coffee & Waffles

Flat White & Fork

Been quite some time since we met Gratitude. Managed to arrange a tea time session with him at The Coffee Sessions, BK5 on a Saturday afternoon. SK and KH were there too. Lots of gossip to catch up on, and also life and family issues. We all have our shit. After Gratitude finished his chicken pot pie, we moved to Felice Cafe a few doors away. A newbie in the neighbourhood. Looks to be a lesbian-friendly joint for coffee and waffles. Gratitude and SK were not impressed. Upon entering, they complained about the smell of vanillin lingering in the air. Tried their signature latte and a waffle with bananas and chocolate ice cream. No complaints about their Musetti coffee, but I wouldn't describe their waffles as good. Just slightly better than they type you get at kiosks.

Banana Waffles

In the evening, SK joined mum and I for our monthly BEC gathering. This time it was held at Taman Bukit Serdang. Big Monster and Little Monster also came with us because their parents had a dinner party to attend. To my surprise, they were very well-behaved throughout the whole thing. However, when we left, they complained that it was boring. Well, for them everything is boring. Haha. Their parents picked them up at 10:30 PM and we went to supper together at Restoran Mirasa. A round of teh tarik and naan before calling it a night.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Already good lah if kids are "well-behaved". Already a bonus lol.

William said...

Easier to jaga when separated.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ahhh yes, it's usually the case.