Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who IsMe?

Tea Time

There's this shop at Empire Shopping Gallery that doesn't know what it wants too be. In its window showcase, you see skin care products. The brand of the skin care products do not match the signboard-- IsMe. To add to the confusion, it has a F&B counter on one side, opposite a beauty counter. For several months now I have noticed its lack of customers. I think people who just want to sit down for a cup of coffee and cake are worried that they might get an earful of beauty consultations, so its much safer to go elsewhere. With some trepidation, we walked into the so-called beauty cafe and looked at the menu. Since we were the only customers, service was excellent. SK demanded that I order the signature coffee because it came with a cute bear face. According to the service crew, their Red Velvet cake uses beetroot instead of food colouring so we gave that a try. It was delicious and so was the matcha-passionfruit mille crepe. Other than coffee, they also serve flower teas and iced fruit sodas. So don't be daunted by their appearance, walk in and give the cafe a try!

P.S.: SK did give them face and asked about their beauty products. ;).


Twilight Man said...

Wow! This is the cutest coffee I have ever seen.

Derek said...

Ooh next time I will try this cafe