Friday, August 26, 2016

Market and Swim

Vege on Playground

Gosh. Nothing to say about a mundane Saturday in June. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Went to the market as usual. Took this photo from the multi-level car park that overlooks the playground. The vegetable sellers and food stall owners take over some of the space to do business.


I love soup noodles in the morning, especially from the stall that operates from a small lane in the OUG morning market. Whenever I want a little more kick, I order some curry chicken feet.

Ika Meshi

That weird looking thing is Ika Meshi which is squid stuffed with sticky rice. Bought that in Hakodate during my recent trip to Hokkaido.

Red Wine Residual

The reddish dish is red wine residual chicken, a Foochow dish. Mum and I love it.


Been ages since my last visit to the pool. Kinda lost my stamina.


Broke in a new pair of swim trunks that I bought online. The camo prints are interesting, no?


Twilight Man said...

Your legs smooth like silk.

SamL said...

Oooh my mom is Foochow too! I love the mee sua

Jaded Jeremy said...

Don't think the trunk camouflages well in the pool ;)

Derek said...

So long didn't swim with you le!

William said...

Definitely. Hehe.

*High Five*

Not supposed to :P

Yeah lo :(

Willk said...

Next time just go naked. :p

William said...

Family-friendly pool! :P