Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrating QueerRanter-D

Weaving Ketupat

It was QueerRanter-D's birthday so a dinner party was arranged at Osteria RealBlue, Solaris Dutamas. As with all shops at Solaris Dutamas, they are a challenge to locate. It was just a small affair with my mum, SK, KH and Apollo, and Apollo's mum. KT was supposed to come, but an emergency at home held her back.


Bruschetta with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Caprese Salad

Wanted the Burata, but ended up with Caprese Salad instead.

Cold Salmon

Smoked salmon with artichoke cream. A cold and refreshing dish.

Vegetarian Ravioli

Ravioli with Porcini mushrooms.

Seafood Ravioli

Seafood ravioli with saffron sauce. This is a very delicious Mat Salleh seafood sui kao!


I'm not a fan of carbonara, but this dry-ish version really changes my mind about cream-based pastas.

Chocolate Cake

The birthday boy had his cake at Coffee Stain.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy birthday QueerRanter-D. Hope he enjoyed the celebration.

Incidentally, someone at my uni hostel taught me to cook dry carbonara. It's almost like stir-frying mee goreng :) Delicious especially with egg.

William said...

Ada chance masak untuk kami ya?