Friday, July 08, 2016

The Coffee Sessions

Lam Mee

Although I could sleep at the usual GMT+8 hours, my body was a little wonky. Only after a week did I feel less lethargic. Went to the OUG wet market like usual and had a lam mee breakfast. The koptiam uncle who delivered my coffee really caught my attention because he was wearing a sleeveless polyester slip in yellow and white not unlike what unlike what my mother wears to do her chores. Guess when it comes to beating the heat, unconventional fashion choices are justified. SK joined us for a simple lunch at home. But as simple as it was, it was supplemented with a side of salmon sashimi.

Salmon Sashimi

Some time after lunch, KH arrived at my place. Made some small talk with my mum at the living room before we all went out for coffee at The Coffee Sessions, the latest cafe to open in Bandar Kinrara 5. It is located at the new shop lots near Giant BK5. Not much traffic there at all. When SK was parking her car near a restaurant called Boxer Republic, a waitress immediately dashed out with menu and flyers in hand. By the time she opened her car door, another waitress had joined the first to entreat her to dine there. Palpable desperation.


The interior of the cafe looked pretty classy with a mixture of wood and white tiles. Don't think they scrimped on the renovation budget. They serve coffee, cakes, pastas, and sandwiches. Typical selection of coffee, but they do have a single origins option for an extra MYR2. We ordered a large slice of carrot cake and I was surprised that I liked it. Found it to be very moist. Don't take my recommendation lightly because I generally dislike carrot cake. At the time of writing, they were running a 30% discount. By the time you're reading this, the discount is likely history. Hope they stay around. Nice to have a decent cafe in the neighbourhood to spice up the boring commercial area in BK 5. Be advised that they they only open from breakfast till a little after lunch.

Carrot Cake


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