Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mum's Seventieth

Seafood Salad

May Day was a day of makan-makan. Mum and I had a rare Thai lunch at Fa-Ying, Paradigm Mall. My last time there was in 2013 with Cutipie. We were quite happy with our choices. Seafood salad was a great starter and the tom kha kai was a great alternative to tom yum. In addition to those traditional choices, we chose a fusion item from the menu-- Anna's salad wrap. The dish is interesting because they serve you a stack of wide of hor fun (like those you see when eating kway chap) that you use to wrap minced meat and fresh herbs.

Anna's Salad Wrap

In the evening, we had a joint birthday dinner for mum and Little Monster at Starlight Seafood Naturalle in Sungei Way (KH, SK, QueerRanter-D and Apollo's mum joined us). Mum turned seventy, while Little Monster turned four. When KH called in to make reservations (such a dutiful son-in-law hehe), they asked him whether he wanted seats near the stage or the aquarium. The receptionist suggested the aquarium since we had kids. The aquarium wasn't what we expected. Certain tables were actually aquariums! The kids spent a lot of time under the table to ogle at the fish. I guess that's better than having them run around. Halfway through dinner, a kid from another section gravitated towards our table. Seeing that the kid was giving the mother a hard time, my sister invited him over to watch the fish. At the stage, an old singer belted out birthday songs while we struggled to light the candles on the cake. Luckily we managed to settle things by the final stanza. Once the cake was finished and the aquarium lost it's appeal, the kids started running around the whole restaurant. Pening. Overall, the food was good and the service a little better than usual.


Popcorn Chicken


Steamed Fish

Red Wine

Dinner didn't drag late into the night, so we had time for dessert at Fluffed. The kids were ecstatic when I told them that we would be having coffee and cake. They chugged down a cup of mocha in less than 3 minutes. My sister blames me for getting them hooked on coffee. LOL. The place serves waffles and has some interesting specialty coffees like lavender and red yeast. Will try to return without having the monsters in tow.



SamL said...

Dude i practically live in Fluffed! Wonder if i've bumped into you before lol

William said...

Hard to say, but I've only been there once. :D

ernestlow said...

Many happy returns to your mum. I think she has quite a following on your site :)

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Why didn't mention I suggested Fluffed? Hehe