Thursday, July 07, 2016

Korean Night at MaisonSK


Managed to get a good night's sleep after returning from my pilgrimage. No horrible jet lag. Mum and I still managed to go for Sunday morning mass. But we did feel a bit tired in the afternoon, so we didn't loiter. Just went straight home to rest. In the evening, SK hosted Korean cuisine night at MaisonSK. Although it was only a short trip for her to Seoul and Jeju, she bought enough ingredients to make bibimbap, naengmyeon and pajeon (more seafood than batter, more pa than jeon). That woman can really cook.




P.S.: Super yummy home-cooked pulut panggang from Terengganu!

Pulut Panggang


Jaded Jeremy said...

The pulut panggang looks good.

William said...

Memang sedap!