Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Food Diary

Pan Mee

Drove to The Coffee Sessions only to find that they weren't open yet. Didn't want to wait for another 30 minutes, so mum and I went to look for alternatives. Mum ain't that fond of gweilo breakfast anyway. So I drove to Puchong Jaya's Dao Ma Qie for pan mee. Their soup is nice and pork tendon balls are great.

Lo Mai Kai

Lunch was simple. Reheated the lo mai kai that Apollo's mum gave us the night before. Mum added on some pan-fried pumpkin slices.

Brown & Affogato

In the afternoon, KH jio-ed me for coffee at JEMI Cafe, Taman Desa. It was raining cats and dogs. The LINE Brown figurine you see with the affogatto was a gift from SK during her last trip to Korea.

Brown & Cake

Brown with cake.

Brown & Flat White

Brown with Flat White.

At the cafe, KH showed me his proposed itinerary for our upcoming Hokkaido trip. KH is the best, always the one to iron out the logistics. My job is to sit back and relax, whine and complain, and of course provide conjugal services. LOL. Thank you baby! Muacks.


Twilight Man said...

Now a trend to adopt toys to enhance our photos.
Your Brown with the coffee is cute!

Derek said...

Yeah lo, always didn't help to plan.

William said...

Accessories. Haha.

Planned for Paris :P