Thursday, July 21, 2016

Charlie & Jeremy

Sarawak Laksa

Although OUG has a high concentration of eateries and food stalls, mum and I only frequent a few of them. One can choose to have salmon sashimi with kopi o or wat tan hor or bak kwa bun or seafood pork noodles or wantan noodles for breakfast, it ain't much of an attraction for us. While I was on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for Charlie's Cafe at Taman Bukit Desa. Intrigued that they serve authentic Sarawak cuisine so I decided to go there for breakfast. Guess this means that FB ads actually work. When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly chap behind the counter whom I assume was Charlie. Only two tables were occupied at the time. I ordered the Sarawak laksa and nasi lemak. Mum and I were impressed with the Sarawak Laksa. The bowl of noodles was piping hot and the soup had a good balance of spices. However, the nasi lemak was just average.

Nasi Lemak

Back home, did my usual chores of sweeping the floors (removing the roach carcasses), mopping and spritzing the corners with natural insect repellent (I don't think it works). As usual, mum cooked lunch. A simple bowl of noodles with pan-fried salmon, blanched vegetables and poached egg. To cool off in the hot, muggy weather, I made an iced apple vinegar drink with apple cubes.


KH & I attended JJ's birthday dinner in the evening. Since time immemorial, the dinner was held at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. We were joined by SimonLover, Apollo, QueerRanter-D and BeautifulMale. Moved on to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for drinks but we kinda had to shout over the frantic keyboard slamming of Yang I-Deun, the Piano Man. The way he plays, I bet he could induce epileptic fits.




Twilight Man said...

Thanks for sharing where to eat good Sarawak Laksa.

William said...

Let me know what you think and try some other stuff that I did not.

Simon said...

That looks so good :) Its making me crave for some Japanese food :)

Derek said...

Since time immemorial, the dinner was held at Sushi Tei .... Hehe

William said...

Thanks for dropping by and go grab some sushi!