Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating Mum

Bamboo Leaves

My brother arrived home just before midnight on my mum's birthday. Just in time to wish her. Two days later, we had another celebration for Mother's Day. Brought my brother out to the OUG morning market so that he could get his curry noodles fix.

Dining in an Alley

Overheard at the market:
Lady: Is this bak zhang raw or cooked?
Seller: Errrm... cooked.

Roast Pork aka Siew Yuk

This question comes in the midst of the pre-Duan Wu Festival rush. Seriously woman, no one sells raw bak zhang. The raw grains would leak out and the filling would not keep. The Nalanda Buddhist Society was also doing an alms giving activity on that day. Not a common sight in Malaysia.


At noon, the kids came over with bouquets of flowers and personalized cards. So sweet. I gave them some additional stickers to spruce things up-- "I Love Las Vegas", "The Strip". LOL. Mum whipped up lunch and we ate together.

After much deliberation, we decided to have dinner at Le Pont Boulangerie. Wanted to avoid the Mother's Day dinner crowd at Chinese restaurants. The moment we arrived at the front door, the heavens poured! Super heavy rain. Waited twenty minutes before attempting to get the kids out of the car. The kids weren't too happy with the food, and the adults didn't quite eat properly as well. The only plus point was that we did not need to jostle for food.




Lemon Meringue

To supplement our dinner, we went to Willy Satay at Ramal Food Junction. In order to taste their succulent satay, be prepared to wait for at least 45 minutes, and brave horrible traffic and parking conditions.


Twilight Man said...

The food at Le Pont Boulangerie looked very nice and yums!

Derek said...

Why not happy with the food at Le Pont?

William said...


We eat until too rojak