Thursday, September 15, 2016

Aidil-FIT-ri Again


My abnormal outdoor activity trend continued on to the second day of Aidilfitri. Mum and I went to Taman Bukit Jalil for a morning jog. A filming crew was there that morning but I don't really what they were filming. Glad to see that Taman Bukit Jalil is now home to some pigeons, storks and geese.

Bamboo Grove

Lizard & Stork

Been hearing rave reviews about Good Taste Restaurant's wantan noodles, so we went there for breakfast. There was a healthy crowd at their Jalil Link outlet and we managed to secure a seat near the toast grill (not exactly ideal). True to the tips on Foursquare, service there is really curt. The wantan noodles weren't anything to shout about. Maybe my expectations were too high. Just average charsiew. Not value for money. Curry noodles were equally disappointing-- oily and watery. The charcoal grill toast seems popular though. I would know since I was sitting there looking at the guy continuously putting bread on the grill. But from my observations, the bread was kinda thin. Coincidentally, the Tribe was eating there too. The Little One looked sleepy.

Curry Noodles

Such a chore to think about where to eat at times (first world problems). For lunch, we went back to Jalil Link and tried Sushi Akami. According to some online reviews, the owner used to work for Sushi Zanmai, so he opened his own version of it. If you have a crazing for Japanese and don't want to break the bank, you can consider some casual dining here.


Pooh and Myself were in town, so KH and I made a bee line for Midvalley to meet them for dinner. When we arrived, they were busy shopping at Uniqlo, ooh-ahh-ing at the superior bargains and selection compared to the outlets in Penang. Pooh's dinner requirements were simple-- pizza. That pretty much narrowed down the choices. In the end, we chose Mikey's Original New York Pizza. True to its name, they served large slices of pizza. As to how authentic it was, I'm no expert. But I do feel that they scrimped on the toppings.


Buffalo Wings

Like other malls, Midvalley chose the way of the rumah kampung as their centerpiece. In terms of size, I think it was a little downsized, but they added a little batik twist to it. The Gardens Mall used a more contemporary approach-- plenty of colorful kain pelikat and spools of thread. If you did not scrutinize the giant temari balls, you would think it was Japanese.

Batik Kampung

Spools of Thread


Before calling it a night, we had coffee at Yeast. Although they were open till late, the kitchen was closed and they had not much pastry left on the shelf. Despite that, we were given excellent service by the waiters.

"You don't have to pour your own water, You paid for the service tax, so we are here to serve."

Even when it came to taking a group photo, he declared that he would happily oblige taking multiple shots. I guess that only happens when we are the only occupied table. Haha.


Clayman said...

Love the pictures! :D Sounds like you had a fun day! :D

Twilight Man said...

The bamboo grove is nice! We should plant more than Kyoto's.

William said...

A mix of family, friends and food!

Hopefully we can imitate it.

Derek said...

Good taste WTM so so only. Daniel WTM is better le.