Thursday, June 02, 2016

Doiffee, Dinner, Drinks

Gorilla Cravings

My last visit to Doiffee, Taman Desa was in August 2014. After more than a year, they have diversified their menu as KH and I discovered. Under their signatures items, I chose a cup of Classic Cham, cafe culture meets kopitiam chic. Truth be told, I wasn't impressed with that drink. Not worth the money. Also tried one of their waffles-- Gorilla Cravings. Why the name? Bananas.

Classic Cham

In the evening, KH organized a big dinner with my family, Apollo, Apollo's mum and QueerRanter-D. The dinner was at Hai Tian, Equine Park. Apollo's group was early by half an hour while my group was thirty minutes late. The poor fellas had more than hour to look at the menu. But it worked out because there was a line for walk-in customers by 7:30 PM. The braised long ribs looked more like Dong Po meat than ribs, but it was yummy. Little Monster nearly baham-ed all the mantous! BIL's favourite was the salted egg bitter gourd. And as usual, KH brought wine to celebrate.

Braised Long Ribs

Salted Egg Bitter Gourd

Asked the kids whether they wanted coffee and cake, and they gave a resounding "YES". Brought the whole party to Piccolo Cafe for another round. The kids preferred the latte more than the babycino. It was a fun round of bonding with family and friends. Should do it more often.

Caramel Crunch



Twilight Man said...

You guys are so fun to include the mothers of friends always.
I like that cake you ate. Yums!

William said...

As long as they won't feel bored.