Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The One

Chili Pan Mee

Sunday didn't quite turn out like I expected it. Went to early mass with SK and went to have breakfast at Chow Yang. Thought of Yu Ai's seafood noodles, but they actually don't open in the morning, so we ate at Super Kitchen instead. Immediately rushed home to work. Did a short accounting of the outstanding items and found around ninety even after I spent three hours revising the proposal. Due to the gummy weather, I worked in the nude. Can scratch that off my bucket list. I sent out my second draft and told myself in Cartman's voice, "Screw you guys, I'm going out for lunch". Of course I get dressed before heading out to a neighbourhood shop for some chicken rice. Disappointing to say the least. Hardly any meat at all for MYR5.80. Its definitely on my blacklist now.


SK scheduled a Japping session at Senjyu in BVII with KH, #BF, Brian and Lifebook. Guess Bangsar is on the terrorist alert list with armed military men patrolling the night market (nasi lemak eye candy for Khatijah). Now that it's left with only one outlet, its beginning to show its Sakae roots. All sorts of Sakae merchandise was displayed on their counter. Ordered a whole bunch of stuff and bulldozed through dinner in 75 minutes. During the whole meal we talked about Brian and #BF's love lives. An interesting topic finding out about their past lovers and future requirements.


Next up was cake and drinks at Nutmeg. Never had much luck with that place. Usually I'm greeted by a full house, but we were lucky that night. I got a mixed fruit tea which I felt wasn't that good a mix. But I was happy with the pomegranate red velvet and passion fruit cheese. Both came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Suddenly KH looked at #BF and said something serious:

KH: Remember the question you asked me two weeks back? How I knew that William is 'The One'. 

All: (5 seconds of silence) Wah! We need to record this!

KH: (glowering)

#BF: Ah yes. How do you know?

KH: Well, actually I don't know. You have to work at it.

All: What?!

KH: I just decided that he's 'The One'. If you forever look for someone better, you are never gonna settle down.

It's quite amazing really to be declared as 'The One'. Must be feeling what Neo felt in "The Matrix". LOL. #BF then asked me same question. I told him that I wasn't a 'hopper'. The day that KH asked me to be his boyfriend, I had dedicated myself to him. I had never thought of anyone else being by my side. It's just that simple for me. Although he does annoy me once in a while, make me roll my eyes or push my mang zang buttons, that doesn't mean I don't love him. It's the way he is, and I accept that he is 'The One' for me.

Pomegranate Cake


Twilight Man said...

So you are The One! What a lucky devil...
Be good and don't bully him yeah.

Jaded Jeremy said...

The text highlight in bright green is killing my eyes.

Jino said...

happy happy long long long long. envy haha

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

ernestlow said...

Congrats on finding your respective Ones!

William said...

To bully is to love. :P

You're also starting a new relationship right?


Robinn T said...

win liao lo... so far no luck for me at all XD

William said...

Not say win or not... an unexpected topic to come up. Your prince will come!