Friday, May 13, 2016

Roadside Romance

Mixed Pork Soup II

Ever had the mixed pork soup at Jalan Tan H.S. Lee (across the road from Raggae Mansion)? They serve a steaming bowl of soup with lean pork, belly meat, tripe, intestines, blood cake, bean curd and bean sprouts. FYI, they only open at night and operate at the five foot walkway. According to my super senior colleagues, they've been around for a long time (the shop and the colleagues). Some of them even had dates there in their younger days. Just the other day (in the time continuum), KH and I had a dinner date there. We ordered the signature mixed pork soup and chicken rice. The latter wasn't impressive. Obviously not the most romantic place to have a date with a giant of wok of intestines bubbling a few feet away. But there is certain kind of retro charm dining in front of old shop lots in the city center. Do give it a try if you're looking for non-halal goodness.

Mixed Pork Soup I