Friday, May 06, 2016

Paktor and Parlour

Kopi C

Took a day off to paktor with KH. We started our morning with a dim sum breakfast at Tian Xin, Equine Park. Took our sweet time sipping our kopi c before driving over to IOI City Mall. Slowly roamed the mall before stopping for food again at Franco. Not that we like the food there that much, but KH bought a Groupon voucher. But to be honest, I like their green tea latte although I generally hate that beverage. With KH, it wouldn't be a date if we did not watch a movie. The movie of choice was "London Has Fallen" with Gerald Butler. So much different from his performance in "Gods of Egypt". Heh. Then it was coffee at Piccolo Cafe and finally dinner at Zen & Co.  Not often that we can spend the whole day together, makan-makan, minum-minum. Better yet if we could end the day in bed. Hehe. However, that was not to be.

Siew Mai

Phoenix Claws

Fried Radish Cake

HK Chu Cheong Fun

French Toast

Curry Au Riz

Green Tea Latte

Received a call that my mum's cousin had passed away. I've met him twice during the occasion of his daughter's wedding. Not exactly close relatives, but one of the few who share my mum's surname. Rushed over to the wake at Nirvana Memorial Center. Since my mum was still away on cruise, I would represent her. Although that giant bereavement one stop center has been in operation since 2004, I had never visited it once. With such a big capacity, it would definitely need a lot of parking space. The open air parking and basement lots weren't enough to handle the peak hour visitors. I had to double park and leave my number on the dashboard. Good thing that I bumped into my uncle and aunt from Teluk Intan. At least I had some company. The wake was on the second floor and it followed the Buddhist rites. Visitors presented flowers and not incense sticks. According to the son-in-law, the old man died of natural causes. Food was provided but since I already ate, I just took some of the nyonya kuih. Not long after my visit, I had to re-park my car. When I came back up, there was finally a table for us to sit. Stayed for a couple of hours before making a move. May his soul find eternal peace.

Stacked Coffee Cups

Black Pepper Lamb Chop


Twilight Man said...

I always drank green tea latte at Starbucks for all my 99% visits. They tasted the same in every country!

My Mum's funeral was at Nirvana too and they served the best buffet food and Nyonya kuehs. Since then I have been enjoying funeral food there. Wakakaka

Twilight Man said...
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Derek said...

I thought we went back to your house for a while after breakfast? ;-)

LPZ said...

Hey man, is it the Tian Xin dim sum restaurant over at jalan Equine 9b? I thought it was closed? I really do like the dim sum there, so if they had opened at some other place, please do let me know about it

William said...

Always remember all the skanky things :P

Erm... I'm not sure. I wrote this a couple of months ago.