Monday, May 09, 2016

Fairies Watching Fairies

Pork Ball Noodles

Mum was still away on her cruise so I need not venture into the chaos at the OUG wet market on a Saturday morning. Took my sweet time having a bowl of pork ball noodles at Restoran Yoong Seng. Remembering that my bathroom tap was leaking, I headed to SuperSave to get an Allen key. Thought of getting one, but I left with a set of twenty! Back home, I attempted to disassemble the tap but failed. Couldn't get the top off. Must the years of accumulated grime and metallurgical reaction. Gave up and got dressed to go watch Shakespeare at PJ Live Arts (had a short lunch of soupy rice with fish at Go Noodle House-- recommended!).

Allen Keys

Soupy Rice

KH had bought tickets to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by the Handlebards. The Handlebards is a troupe made up of four guys who go around cycling from venue to venue playing famous works from Shakespeare. It was their first tour outside of the UK. With only four of them, they frequently rely on audience members to make up the numbers and other creative ways to play multiple characters. The sets and props are also very basic because they lug it around with them on their bicycles. A pair of mugs on a curtain and voila, they would have the costume for Hippolyta. At times, a vest with initials would do. The used a disassembled tent to make the fairy kingdom. Funny enough, it all worked.

The HandleBards I

Pyramus and Thisbe

Being the uncultured skank that I am, I was in no way familiar with the plot of  "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Couldn't really catch what was being said on stage since it was delivered with such ferocious speed and of course I wasn't attuned to the classical prose. But it wasn't a problem because the Handlebards provided plenty of visual cues and sprinkled much humour into the play. Shakespeare with frenetic energy. Towards the end, KH was invited up to play Theseus. Others joined him on stage too to play a host of other characters. Cute to see my KH up there with his stage voice. Hehe.


We bid the sweaty quartet of thespians farewell and went for coffee and cake at Salt 'n Koffie Gallery. Actually my first choice was to have siew yuk at the flea market (yes, they openly sell siew yuk at the Jaya One flea market), but they were sold out already.

Flat White



Loitered there till dinner time. KH suggested that we eat at Hello! by Kitchen Mafia. The restaurant is located at Happy Mansion and is the brainchild of celebrity chefs Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian, the pair behind Elegantology. Peculiar that they charge for service but expect you to go to the counter to order. With the tea time cake still weighing heavily in our bellies, we didn't order much. Gave their signature Asian tapas a try, namely the duck jerky and  lamb massaman curry. I wasn't impressed with the duck bak kwa. Much preferred the lamb which came perfectly paired with fluffy bread. Another thing we ordered from the open kitchen was a plate of angel hair pasta. An enjoyable Saturday with KH.

Duck Jerky

Lamb Massaman

Angel Hair


Twilight Man said...

Wow! I love Salt & coffee ever since Lifebook intro to me. Now that cafe closed down.

William said...

Dah gulung tikar? Alamak.