Monday, May 16, 2016


Sarang Cookery

In the early stages of our relationship, KH and I had not much chance to celebrate each other's birthdays. Now that we're working in the same city, we try to make up for lost opportunities. KH celebrated his 35th birthday on the 10th of March. Since the exact date was a Thursday, we decided to postpone the celebrations a day late. No fun celebrating with an impending work day over one's head. Early on Friday morning, we took the LRT to Hang Tuah station and had breakfast at Sarang Cookery, where we ate roti jala with kapitan curry chicken. We were quite impressed with the food and might return for lunch one of these days to explore their full menu.

Roti Jala

Obviously with VCR Cafe just next door, we had our morning coffee there.Spent most of our morning there talking about this and that. For the first time, I noticed a whole bunch of Malaysia Barista Championship awards at the counter. 1st Runner Up for Latte Art but I never got anything remotely award-winning in my cup. Oh well. Although it was KH' birthday, he gave me a gift-- a replacement for my Nexus 5 that was experiencing severe battery problems. He got me an LG G3, which is considered a hardware update compared to my old phone.  Didn't cost a bomb since there's already an LG G5 in the market. Thanks baby! As a good Money Boy, I thanked him with a slice of Black Velvet. LOL.

Black Velvet & Smartphone

Like all gay boys, we gravitated towards Pavilion. There was a "Batman vs. Superman" promotional junket going on at the concourse with life-sized statues of the characters and a Batmobile. RHB Credit Card also deployed a bunch of their marketing staff there. One of them was a very pushy gay lou salesman who targeted men. His modus operandi included making manja sounds and being extremely touchy. When you reject him, he would be on the verge of jumping up and down like a spoiled brat being denied a toy. Scary approach.



KH's birthday entitled him to collect two free tickets from GSC. "Zootopia" was the movie that we picked and I was glad with the choice. Good story and animation. Funny too. In its own cute way, the animation deals with big town / small town mentality, discrimination and the tried and tested underdog theme. Ever since we lunched at Quivo, we kinda fell in love with the food and the service. Gave it a return visit to try out some other stuff-- pesto crab spaghetti and saffron risotto, both of which had generous portions of seafood. Then had coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the concourse with a great view of RHB Credit Card salesman at work.

Pesto Crab Spaghetti

Saffron Risotto

That was how we celebrated KH's birthday. Although he didn't get a birthday shag or a birthday blow, it was a great time nonetheless. Will definitely make it up to him. ;P.

Birthday Gift


Twilight Man said...

What a sweet couple. I wanna laugh at your Pavillion crap.
Hey that roti jala looks very good with shreds like the correct version.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Lovely date :) Didn't know about Pavilion.

William said...



Anonymous said...

I <3 gayvilion.
Supe's big bulge turns me on.

William said...

LOL. You've turned him into a sex toy.