Tuesday, May 31, 2016



The 31st of March 2016 marks the day I lost my UBER virginity. And it was all thanks to RapidKL. On that day, there was a failure on the Ampang Line. KH and I discovered the platform to be overflowing with passengers, yet no announcement was made. Did some quick checks on Twitter and found many angry comments directed at @myrapidkl and @askrapidkl. No point waiting there like idiots so we went to have dinner at Leboh Ampang. Found a table at Restoran Kader and ordered a rava thosai with some butter chicken. Waited till 8:00 PM and RapidKL still could not give a definite answer on service resumption. KH suggested that we take UBER home, so I downloaded the app. My first experience was in a Toyota Vios with a Chinese fella who so happened to live in my neighbourhood. Small talk revealed that he would pick up one passenger every day on his way back home. He is a vegetarian marathon runner who actually invited me wake up at 5:00 AM on Saturdays to join him. Thanks, but no thanks. Overall, it was a pleasant trip and it wasn't too bad although there was a 1.3X surge. I foresee myself using this service more frequently in the future.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Holy Week 2016

Pictorial for Holy Week 2016:

Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week: Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King -- Matthew 21:1-11

Veiling the Crucifix
Maundy Thursday, Jesus washes the feet of his Disciples --John 13:12-16

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns. Our Lord's Passion --Matthew 27:11-65

Empty Font
Empty holy water fonts after Holy Thursday till Easter Vigil.

The Light of Christ
Service of Light on Easter Vigil.

Adult Baptism
Baptism and Confirmation on Easter Vigil. Christ is Risen! --Luke 24:6-7

Saturday, May 28, 2016

BFF at Koyaku

Little House II

I arranged a belated birthday celebration for KH with the BFF at Koyaku, Taman Desa. During the BFF's golden age, birthday gatherings were 'our thing' and would be a great chance to get together. Now our gatherings are much smaller with fabulous fall-outs and some of us living away from Kuala Lumpur. Alexander the Gay is in Singapore, Savante and Legolas are in East Malaysia. DanielH is in the Philippines. Among those who turned up were Jaded Jeremy, Bunny, Janvier, BeautifulMale (he came although he was down with fever, really bagi muka), Khatijah, JL and of course SK. Additional VIP guests were SimonLover and Sharky. We were given a private room that we shared with another party but we pretended that they weren't there. Haha. With Janvier around, sake would definitely be served. Once again we plied Sharky with drink as he always gives the most adorable of facial expressions. At the end of the night, we cut the cake and tried to get the ultimate group photo by stacking a few chairs ala circus acrobats. The things we do to get the perfect shot. LOL. Hope KH enjoyed the dinner and the company!

Sashimi Mori

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

March Filler

Wantan Noodles

Sometimes my mum skips Saturday marketing at OUG. On such days, the only concern would be to decide on a breakfast venue. Nothing fancy, just randomly chose a neighbourhood wantan noodles stall. Although we did not go to the OUG market, doesn't mean that she won't do any grocery shopping at the neighbourhood market! Did a quick stop at the newly-opened Hero Mart, one of the many grocery shops in the area. Very stiff competition really. They sell everything from poultry, vegetables and seafood, to canned food and small electrical items. Heck, they even have extra strong beer. Never knew such a thing existed.

Extra Strong Beer

I was due for a haircut, so I paid a visit to my stylist at Bandar Park. A quick cut to get things short and neat. By the time I was done, it was time for lunch. Mum wanted fish head noodles so we went to Woo Pin at Taman Desa. The price increased again, but its not so bad cause mum and I always share one large bowl.

Felt like melting after our lunch there so we went upstairs to Le Lapin for a big cup of iced mocha and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Iced Mocha

Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

In the evening, I had a BEC gathering nearby. A round of makan-makan and socializing with the aunties. Used to find it a bore, but not anymore. Maybe cause I'm an uncle myself now. LOL.

Food & Fellowship

Monday, May 16, 2016


Sarang Cookery

In the early stages of our relationship, KH and I had not much chance to celebrate each other's birthdays. Now that we're working in the same city, we try to make up for lost opportunities. KH celebrated his 35th birthday on the 10th of March. Since the exact date was a Thursday, we decided to postpone the celebrations a day late. No fun celebrating with an impending work day over one's head. Early on Friday morning, we took the LRT to Hang Tuah station and had breakfast at Sarang Cookery, where we ate roti jala with kapitan curry chicken. We were quite impressed with the food and might return for lunch one of these days to explore their full menu.

Roti Jala

Obviously with VCR Cafe just next door, we had our morning coffee there.Spent most of our morning there talking about this and that. For the first time, I noticed a whole bunch of Malaysia Barista Championship awards at the counter. 1st Runner Up for Latte Art but I never got anything remotely award-winning in my cup. Oh well. Although it was KH' birthday, he gave me a gift-- a replacement for my Nexus 5 that was experiencing severe battery problems. He got me an LG G3, which is considered a hardware update compared to my old phone.  Didn't cost a bomb since there's already an LG G5 in the market. Thanks baby! As a good Money Boy, I thanked him with a slice of Black Velvet. LOL.

Black Velvet & Smartphone

Like all gay boys, we gravitated towards Pavilion. There was a "Batman vs. Superman" promotional junket going on at the concourse with life-sized statues of the characters and a Batmobile. RHB Credit Card also deployed a bunch of their marketing staff there. One of them was a very pushy gay lou salesman who targeted men. His modus operandi included making manja sounds and being extremely touchy. When you reject him, he would be on the verge of jumping up and down like a spoiled brat being denied a toy. Scary approach.



KH's birthday entitled him to collect two free tickets from GSC. "Zootopia" was the movie that we picked and I was glad with the choice. Good story and animation. Funny too. In its own cute way, the animation deals with big town / small town mentality, discrimination and the tried and tested underdog theme. Ever since we lunched at Quivo, we kinda fell in love with the food and the service. Gave it a return visit to try out some other stuff-- pesto crab spaghetti and saffron risotto, both of which had generous portions of seafood. Then had coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the concourse with a great view of RHB Credit Card salesman at work.

Pesto Crab Spaghetti

Saffron Risotto

That was how we celebrated KH's birthday. Although he didn't get a birthday shag or a birthday blow, it was a great time nonetheless. Will definitely make it up to him. ;P.

Birthday Gift

Friday, May 13, 2016

Roadside Romance

Mixed Pork Soup II

Ever had the mixed pork soup at Jalan Tan H.S. Lee (across the road from Raggae Mansion)? They serve a steaming bowl of soup with lean pork, belly meat, tripe, intestines, blood cake, bean curd and bean sprouts. FYI, they only open at night and operate at the five foot walkway. According to my super senior colleagues, they've been around for a long time (the shop and the colleagues). Some of them even had dates there in their younger days. Just the other day (in the will.i.am. time continuum), KH and I had a dinner date there. We ordered the signature mixed pork soup and chicken rice. The latter wasn't impressive. Obviously not the most romantic place to have a date with a giant of wok of intestines bubbling a few feet away. But there is certain kind of retro charm dining in front of old shop lots in the city center. Do give it a try if you're looking for non-halal goodness.

Mixed Pork Soup I

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The One

Chili Pan Mee

Sunday didn't quite turn out like I expected it. Went to early mass with SK and went to have breakfast at Chow Yang. Thought of Yu Ai's seafood noodles, but they actually don't open in the morning, so we ate at Super Kitchen instead. Immediately rushed home to work. Did a short accounting of the outstanding items and found around ninety even after I spent three hours revising the proposal. Due to the gummy weather, I worked in the nude. Can scratch that off my bucket list. I sent out my second draft and told myself in Cartman's voice, "Screw you guys, I'm going out for lunch". Of course I get dressed before heading out to a neighbourhood shop for some chicken rice. Disappointing to say the least. Hardly any meat at all for MYR5.80. Its definitely on my blacklist now.


SK scheduled a Japping session at Senjyu in BVII with KH, #BF, Brian and Lifebook. Guess Bangsar is on the terrorist alert list with armed military men patrolling the night market (nasi lemak eye candy for Khatijah). Now that it's left with only one outlet, its beginning to show its Sakae roots. All sorts of Sakae merchandise was displayed on their counter. Ordered a whole bunch of stuff and bulldozed through dinner in 75 minutes. During the whole meal we talked about Brian and #BF's love lives. An interesting topic finding out about their past lovers and future requirements.


Next up was cake and drinks at Nutmeg. Never had much luck with that place. Usually I'm greeted by a full house, but we were lucky that night. I got a mixed fruit tea which I felt wasn't that good a mix. But I was happy with the pomegranate red velvet and passion fruit cheese. Both came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Suddenly KH looked at #BF and said something serious:

KH: Remember the question you asked me two weeks back? How I knew that William is 'The One'. 

All: (5 seconds of silence) Wah! We need to record this!

KH: (glowering)

#BF: Ah yes. How do you know?

KH: Well, actually I don't know. You have to work at it.

All: What?!

KH: I just decided that he's 'The One'. If you forever look for someone better, you are never gonna settle down.

It's quite amazing really to be declared as 'The One'. Must be feeling what Neo felt in "The Matrix". LOL. #BF then asked me same question. I told him that I wasn't a 'hopper'. The day that KH asked me to be his boyfriend, I had dedicated myself to him. I had never thought of anyone else being by my side. It's just that simple for me. Although he does annoy me once in a while, make me roll my eyes or push my mang zang buttons, that doesn't mean I don't love him. It's the way he is, and I accept that he is 'The One' for me.

Pomegranate Cake

Monday, May 09, 2016

Fairies Watching Fairies

Pork Ball Noodles

Mum was still away on her cruise so I need not venture into the chaos at the OUG wet market on a Saturday morning. Took my sweet time having a bowl of pork ball noodles at Restoran Yoong Seng. Remembering that my bathroom tap was leaking, I headed to SuperSave to get an Allen key. Thought of getting one, but I left with a set of twenty! Back home, I attempted to disassemble the tap but failed. Couldn't get the top off. Must the years of accumulated grime and metallurgical reaction. Gave up and got dressed to go watch Shakespeare at PJ Live Arts (had a short lunch of soupy rice with fish at Go Noodle House-- recommended!).

Allen Keys

Soupy Rice

KH had bought tickets to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by the Handlebards. The Handlebards is a troupe made up of four guys who go around cycling from venue to venue playing famous works from Shakespeare. It was their first tour outside of the UK. With only four of them, they frequently rely on audience members to make up the numbers and other creative ways to play multiple characters. The sets and props are also very basic because they lug it around with them on their bicycles. A pair of mugs on a curtain and voila, they would have the costume for Hippolyta. At times, a vest with initials would do. The used a disassembled tent to make the fairy kingdom. Funny enough, it all worked.

The HandleBards I

Pyramus and Thisbe

Being the uncultured skank that I am, I was in no way familiar with the plot of  "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Couldn't really catch what was being said on stage since it was delivered with such ferocious speed and of course I wasn't attuned to the classical prose. But it wasn't a problem because the Handlebards provided plenty of visual cues and sprinkled much humour into the play. Shakespeare with frenetic energy. Towards the end, KH was invited up to play Theseus. Others joined him on stage too to play a host of other characters. Cute to see my KH up there with his stage voice. Hehe.


We bid the sweaty quartet of thespians farewell and went for coffee and cake at Salt 'n Koffie Gallery. Actually my first choice was to have siew yuk at the flea market (yes, they openly sell siew yuk at the Jaya One flea market), but they were sold out already.

Flat White



Loitered there till dinner time. KH suggested that we eat at Hello! by Kitchen Mafia. The restaurant is located at Happy Mansion and is the brainchild of celebrity chefs Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian, the pair behind Elegantology. Peculiar that they charge for service but expect you to go to the counter to order. With the tea time cake still weighing heavily in our bellies, we didn't order much. Gave their signature Asian tapas a try, namely the duck jerky and  lamb massaman curry. I wasn't impressed with the duck bak kwa. Much preferred the lamb which came perfectly paired with fluffy bread. Another thing we ordered from the open kitchen was a plate of angel hair pasta. An enjoyable Saturday with KH.

Duck Jerky

Lamb Massaman

Angel Hair

Friday, May 06, 2016

Paktor and Parlour

Kopi C

Took a day off to paktor with KH. We started our morning with a dim sum breakfast at Tian Xin, Equine Park. Took our sweet time sipping our kopi c before driving over to IOI City Mall. Slowly roamed the mall before stopping for food again at Franco. Not that we like the food there that much, but KH bought a Groupon voucher. But to be honest, I like their green tea latte although I generally hate that beverage. With KH, it wouldn't be a date if we did not watch a movie. The movie of choice was "London Has Fallen" with Gerald Butler. So much different from his performance in "Gods of Egypt". Heh. Then it was coffee at Piccolo Cafe and finally dinner at Zen & Co.  Not often that we can spend the whole day together, makan-makan, minum-minum. Better yet if we could end the day in bed. Hehe. However, that was not to be.

Siew Mai

Phoenix Claws

Fried Radish Cake

HK Chu Cheong Fun

French Toast

Curry Au Riz

Green Tea Latte

Received a call that my mum's cousin had passed away. I've met him twice during the occasion of his daughter's wedding. Not exactly close relatives, but one of the few who share my mum's surname. Rushed over to the wake at Nirvana Memorial Center. Since my mum was still away on cruise, I would represent her. Although that giant bereavement one stop center has been in operation since 2004, I had never visited it once. With such a big capacity, it would definitely need a lot of parking space. The open air parking and basement lots weren't enough to handle the peak hour visitors. I had to double park and leave my number on the dashboard. Good thing that I bumped into my uncle and aunt from Teluk Intan. At least I had some company. The wake was on the second floor and it followed the Buddhist rites. Visitors presented flowers and not incense sticks. According to the son-in-law, the old man died of natural causes. Food was provided but since I already ate, I just took some of the nyonya kuih. Not long after my visit, I had to re-park my car. When I came back up, there was finally a table for us to sit. Stayed for a couple of hours before making a move. May his soul find eternal peace.

Stacked Coffee Cups

Black Pepper Lamb Chop