Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pyjamas Party

Pak Ko

Ever since mum went off to Melbourne for her cruise, I had been left to my own devices. Been able to have some short dinner dates with KH after work. Sometimes at Hong Ngek (they fry up a killer pak ko), sometimes at Soong Kee. At other times, SK would be the one doing the cooking. On a Friday, KH found an excuse to have a sleep over at my place. Dinner for us was a bunch of sushi and maki from Isetan Food Market in KLCC. Cold food in the tummy is definitely a weird feeling.


The sleep over was a pyjamas party of sorts. Obviously my definition of pyjamas is au naturel. Missed sleeping beside my darling KH, feeling the touch of his skin and his lips on mine. Unfortunately, the oven-like nature of the weather made us sweat like pigs. And that was without the exertion of sex. We didn't drag our session late into the night because we had something planned early in the morning. Stay tuned!